Highland 10 foot Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) HL202-OR 130702


Mfg Part #: HL202

Customer Reviews for Highland 10 foot Surface Marker Buoy (SMB):

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Rating: Size does matter! SURFACE MARKER BUOY
Reviewer: Ken Cottrell
While diving, anything can happen- current changes, storms, waves, etc. At night its even worse! On Feb. 26, 2015 while in Cozumel, an unusual cold front brought in all of the above. March can be unpredictable in Cozumel. We went down with good weather only to surface with 5-6 waves and the boat no where to be found! PADIs new rules for divers to carry a SMB hadnt made it to any of the 7 other divers in our boat except our DM. And his was a small sausage. What started out to be the brunt of compensation jokes, soon proved to be a game changer. The waves and strong current were separating 4 other divers from us. We needed a boat fast! I was glad I bought Highlands 10 SMB. With minimal air from my safe second, the SMB was towering above the peaks and valleys of the sea enabling a boat to locate and pick us up. Everyone was asking where I got it! The nice thing about it is, it doubles as a 75 lb. lift bag. I wouldnt go as far and recommend it as a floatation device but if my BC ruptured or was punctured, Id feel my chances were improved with it. The nylon bag that comes with it is HD. The stainless steel grommets made mounting it to my Zeagle 911 BC simple. My only suggestion would be to sew tabs on to the velcro opening. Its almost impossible to open the bag with gloves on. Tabs would eliminate this. Ken Cottrell, Chicago

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Rating: Highland SMB
Reviewer: Zaven Saradzhev  -  View all my reviews
The buoy is really big! Last week I tried it into a swimming pool, works well! This week will try at sea. But, I wonder why a relieve valve is located on the top of it? In the photo on the buoy has a valve at the lower part.

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Rating: Very, very big.
Reviewer: Dyana W.  -  View all my reviews
Extremely large, -slightly- difficult to fully inflate from 10m, but will get to 3/4 without much difficulty and can be orally inflated to full on the surface without much difficulty. Very visible. The dump valve on the piece I received was at the top instead of the bottom as in the picture, and entirely too small to be practical. Will probably be replacing the dump valve on it.

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Rating: WoW
Reviewer: Steven K.
this thing if freakin HUGE!!! If you ever needed to deploy this in an emergency, only a blind person could miss it.

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Questions and Answers for Highland 10 foot Surface Marker Buoy (SMB):

  • Bom:

    Is this SMB a self sealing base or has any duck bill valve so it can keep floating at surface? Does it come with mesh sleeve? Thanks,

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    According to the manufacturer it has a "baffled bottom" for anti-spill inflation. It does not seal completely at the base.

  • Trung:

    We are looking at this for a different purpose in helping our swimmers in the lake as turn around buoys. What is your suggestion for something to hold this down / upright? Cinder blocks? When stated this is 75 lbs lift, is this with the surface marker buoy fully submerged? We can have this partially submerged. Thank you. Thank you.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Trung, yes you can use this as a 75 lbs lift bag. But for what you are looking to do you can have this halfway submerged and use this as a turn buoy.

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