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Innovative Signal Mirror

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Rating: signal mirror
Reviewer: howard b.,  - View all my reviews
I added this to my emergency supplies for when making salt water dives. Looks simple enough to use and the instructions are easy to follow for aligning the mirror on your targeted rescue party to get their attention. Have not used it for real & hope I never have to!

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Rating: Decent safety signal
Reviewer: Keith Fillinger,  - View all my reviews
In scuba diving, it is essential to have the appropriate safety gear. This signal mirror is small/light enough to carry when diving, made of an extremely durable lexan material, and is easy to use thanks to a see-through aiming sight. The attached lanyard also prevents the user from losing it. Fortunately, I have never had to use my signal mirror, but it is nice to know that I have it tucked inside my BC pocket in the event of an emergency.

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Rating: Excellent Signal Mirror
Reviewer: Thomas Hanrahan,  - View all my reviews
excellent product. with scuba, safety is always a first, and this product is one safety component that rounds out my kit nicely. ive had other mirrors but they are usually larger in size and polished metal (and rust over time). the innovative mirror is nice and small, made of lexan plastic and easy to use for signalling to the rescue vehicle. the lanyard is a nice addition too so you dont the mirror. i attach a whistle to the mirror so its all handy.

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Rating: signal mirror
Reviewer: kim cearbaugh,  - View all my reviews
Its not that its not a good mirror, I just havent HAD to use it, thanks to our good dive trainers, the dive masters on the boats for the excelent breifings before entering the water. Excelent training, and dive only to your training level means you dont NEED to use your safety equipment! But....its nice to have it with me just in case.

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Rating: A must have survival accessory
Reviewer: Ray H Gray III,  - View all my reviews
small, compact, and effective. as a former navy aircraft carrier pilot i know the necessity of open water survival gear and the need to communicate your presence over a large distance. between march and june 2008 there were 7 instances in the media where divers were left floating in open water for 3 to 60 hours. in the vast ocean, you have three basic concerns staying afloat, staying alive, and being seen. in the daytime, a survival mirror transforms your visual presence from an invisible black dot on the surface of the ocean to a bright dot visible out to ten miles! all the above divers reported seeing rescue craft looking for them but could not get their attention. when you practice with one of these, youll understand how that would immediately change. while youre at it, get a high intensity strobe light for night too. while only visible to the naked eye for 2-3 miles, they are visible to night vision goggles out to 30 miles.

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Rating: good product works as described
Reviewer: Ellen R.,  - View all my reviews
Good product to keep handy on your BC just in case. Price is reasonable.

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262 out of 486 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Comfortable knowing I have it.
Reviewer: Richard Giles,  - View all my reviews
I have a small pouch with whistle, mirror and sausage. The mirror is cheap insurance if I need it. Nice to know I have it.

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Rating: long range signal devices
Reviewer: christian mason,  - View all my reviews
the mirror is a great and simple long range signal device. chances of being spotted by search aircraft is multiplied greatly with this.

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Rating: Bobby O
Reviewer: Bob Ottiano,  - View all my reviews
Great mirror to have with you, small enough that it does not get in the way, and Hay, you never know. Dive safe. Hoo Yah !!

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305 out of 647 people found this review helpful.

Rating: SIgnal Mirror
Reviewer: Peter Bikos,  - View all my reviews
Mirror is a little smaller then I thought. It is a little smaller then a credit card. It does have a good lanyard that is high-vis.

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334 out of 634 people found this review helpful.

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