Zeagle Weight Tote Bag 8032BK 018426

Mfg Part #: 8032-BK
  • Heavy Duty design to hold weights, weight pockets, and weight belts  
  • Wide opening
  • Holds up to 30lbs
  • Heavy Duty Mesh
  • COLOR: Yellow
  • DIMENSIONS: 13" x 8" x 5"
  • CAPACITY: 520 cubic inches

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Weight Tote Bag

13' x 8' x 5'

Made from heavy duty nylon mesh
Capable of holding 75 lbs of weight
Available in yellow or black

Why do you put the weights in the BC?
Including the weights as part of the buoyancy
system improves balance and comfort in the water-
it keeps your body from being pulled in different
directions by the opposing forces of lift and
weights. All Zeagle BC’s since 1982 have been
designed to be weight integrated.

How do you drop the weights in an emergency?
Zeagle’s patented Ripcord system allows for a
single point instantaneous release of the weights
from almost any position in the water. When
compared to a weightbelt release or the two handed
systems used on many other weight integrated BC's
the Ripcord is far simpler and more reliable. Some
BC's offer a more economical pull out system that
requires a two sided release to drop all the

Isn’t it too heavy to lift?
In most circumstances we recommend that the diver
put on their BC first, then place the weights in
the weight pockets. This avoids having to lift the
entire scuba system and weights together.

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