XS Scuba Regulator Bag BG560 018067

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Mfg Part #: BG560
  • Fully lined for ultimate protection
  • Built-in protective console sleeve
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Back pocket for reading materials
  • 1200 Denier
  • COLOR: Black
  • DIMENSIONS: 12" x 12" x 4"
  • CAPACITY: 576 cubic inches

And the reviews are in:
"...regulator bag is the best we've seen yet. It's rounded on the top to match the shape of a coiled reg, and comes with a protective console sleeve and a pocket for storing DIN valves and such. it held our regulator/console combo with room to spare for a wrist computer and housed digital camera."
- Scuba Lab

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Rating: Great Regulator Bag
Reviewer: Jewel K.  -  View all my reviews
We ordered two of these bags. Great regulator bag to protect your regulator. The rounded shape of the bag keeps our regulator hoses rounded. There is a padded pocket in the middle that holds and protects our dive computers.

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Rating: Great Bag
Reviewer: Jeremy Pipkens  -  View all my reviews
This is a perfect regulator bag. Its the perfect size for a regulator assembly with hoses, octo, and computer attached. I bought this for my wife and it has an inner padded pocket which is the perfect size for her suunto vyper console. The bag material itself seems very durable as well. Great Purchase.

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Rating: Handy bag
Reviewer: Joel S.  -  View all my reviews
Has mesh pocket inside and a padded pocket which I put my SPG and computer inside. Ive had to work out how to best wind up the hoses inside, but bag is made of good quality material.

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Rating: A Bag that depends on the User.
Reviewer: Ryan Yuen  -  View all my reviews
first off: i have a sherwood magnum reg with 3 hoses, the primary reg, bc power-inflate hose for an integrated air, and a sherwood insight compact console. moving onto the bag: - back-outside pocket very tight (for papers only) - console sleeve/protector inside bag, stitched to the backside, one way opening oriented to bottom corner of bag - heavy duty-easy slide zipper (will not slide open) - thick protective outside material - dries easily when wet depending on how your reg is set up may make or break this bag. i had to reconfigure my hose placement to get the reg to fit. before, the first stage was oriented at too much of an angle and the hoses looked stressed. the console sleeve is thick and i feel like itll protect from scratches very well. however because you have one there, you can only place your first stage at only 2 corners of the bag. and depending on your length of hoses you may get into an awkward situation where your second stage will either sit coiled on top of the sleeve or on youre first stage. with my set up i am satisfied. there is enough thickness left for me to add a octo hose/reg, but then i feel it would be real stuffed.

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Rating: XS Scuba Regulator Bag
Reviewer: Randy G.  -  View all my reviews
I was a bit worried that the bag was to small when I first bought it. However, I quickly grew to like it, as it keeps my gear nice and snug. It stores the following with some room to spare: Zeagle FlatHead 1st stage and primary regulators (1 hose), low pressure hose with a small hose mount sheath/knife and Zeagle Octo-Z Breathable inflator attached, Aeris XR2 Guage-Computer-Compass Consule (in small Aeris pouch) and hose. I include the Aeris padded pouch because the built in pouch in the Regulator bag is to tight for my particular consule. It fits, but it would be a pain to put in and out. I bought 2 of these bags and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in buying one!

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Rating: Great product
Reviewer: Kenny Hansen
Great quality for a reasonable price. I have two other bags and this is by far the best, it is heavier material, the zipper is large and doesnt bind, it even has a "pouch" for my computer console. i would recommend it to all.

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Rating: XS Scuba Regulator Bag
Reviewer: Mark O.  -  View all my reviews
If it helps your decision I have been diving since 1982 and consider this the best regulator bag I have owned with plenty of room for regulator, hoses, computer and gauges. Yes I have both for redundancy. Bag is fully padded on all sides and zipper runs three sides. The zipper is real heavy duty. It has a useful padded inside pocket for gauges which is real nice. I used to wrap my gauges to protect the face from other metal parts (the first stage). If you are like me I carry my regulator on the plane and this bag has a full pocket on the outside that can be used for travel papers. I consider this a one time purchase bag not a throw away after a few years. If your wondering I purchased two reg bags for my newly certified daughters. I would recommend this item to another diver that is unsatisfied or looking for a replacement or first time purchase.

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Rating: Decent reg bag
Reviewer: Eric F.  -  View all my reviews
Large enough, padded, and includes a sewn-in padded sleeve for a console inside plus a flat pocket outside. Cant beat it for the price. Too bad they dont put a "diaper bag" label on the outside (and offer it in pink or blue with storks) instead of advertising it as theft-worthy scuba gear!

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Rating: Nice bag
Reviewer: Joseph P.  -  View all my reviews
Nice bag, The pocket is just a tad bit small for the Aeris Ai computer. I can get it in but it always feels like Im going to rip it. The Aeris ai with the attached compas has an odd shape, it would probably fit other computers perfectly.

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Rating: Great protection
Reviewer: David Cunningham  -  View all my reviews
this reg bag has enough padding to protect your equipment from most damage. youd probably have to a tank on it to damage anything. and the console pocket adds extra protection for your console computer while keeping everything neatly arranged.

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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba Regulator Bag:

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BG560 Regulator Bag

Protect your valuable investment
Fully lined with thick padding
Durable #10 YKK zipper opening
Built-in protective console sleeve
Convenient small mesh pocket inside
Pocket on back for reading materials
Same size as BG565 Organizer Bag
Included with:
- BG110 Wheeled Backpack
- BG120 Wheeled Traveler
- BG140 Wheeled Duffel
Includes carry-on shoulder strap
Dimensions: 12' x 12' x 4'

XS Bags Feature:

Unique designs for today’s active divers and travelers
Built to withstand the harsh ocean environment and dive travel trips
Assembled with stainless steel nuts and bolts (no cheap rivets)
Easy-access, high-capacity storage
Specialized configurations and sizes
Locking, retractable pull handles that won’t fail
Exclusive, replaceable, modular, wheel assemblies with stainless steel hardware
Only the finest quality YKK zippers
Wide selection of optional accessories
Our staff has been designing the industry’s most popular bags for more than fifteen years. Put your trust into the experience of XS Scuba!

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