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Innovative True Dry Bag

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  • Store anything you want to keep dry including wallet, maps, camera, cell phone, books, etc.
  • Leak Proof with an airtight seal
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Tested by the U.S. Navy
  • DEPTH RATED: 200 feet


 6.75 x 6


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Customer Reviews for Innovative True Dry Bag:

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Average Customer Review: based on 14 reviews.

Rating: Handy and Hardy!
Reviewer: Tianna Dulmage,  - View all my reviews
These 3 little super heavy duty ziplock bags were excellent for cameras, keys, and can fit a couple of passports or cards and cash if you need them too... the question then becomes where does one put them? Were snorkelling enthusiasts and I have plenty of room in a bathing suit to stash them, but if you wear a bikini you cant really take them out with you. An eyelet or loop on them so you could attach them to you would have been very useful, but thats a bit much to expect from a 2.50cent baggie (I think they were 3 for 6$ or something?) Anyway, they came in handy in and out of the water and after 2 weeks of heavy use in Jamaica are all still water tight and good to go. I assume the plastic will eventually wear down or get punctured, but we found them FAR more useful than more fancy and bulkier dry gear boxes. Highly recommend taking some along on any trip!

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Rating: Worked well, stuff stayed dry when submerged
Reviewer: Brian H.,
I used these inside of a Trident "Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack" while snorkeling several times. Good thing I did, because the Trident didnt do such a good job of keeping the water out. Everything I put inside of these pouches and sealed per instructions stayed dry after being submerged five times. I still dont feel safe enough to risk my cell phone in one fully submerged, but I would in a "near water" (boat or shoreline) situation. I think this is a good product, and it kept my stuff (money, room key, drivers license, etc) dry during five submerged dives.

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7 out of 14 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Bag design correction.
Reviewer: Robert. Partridge,  - View all my reviews
I havent dove with this bag yet, but the one feature that is missing is a tab on the top of the bag with a hole in it. So you can attach a string or a snap hook to it. So that it can be fastened to the inside of your BC pocked. This prevents the bag with your wallet in it from floating away, if and when the BC pocket is opened underwater. This small change would make the bag about perfect in my opinion.

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Rating: Much more than a Ziploc
Reviewer: Dr. Stephen Shaw,  - View all my reviews
These dry bags are very sturdy, made out of high mil vinyl/plastic. Great seal. Didnt experience any leakage after multiple uses.

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221 out of 484 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Dry is a key word!
Reviewer: Andrew M.,  - View all my reviews
This littly bag keeps your stuff dry. Easy to use well worth it!

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174 out of 391 people found this review helpful.

Rating: works great
Reviewer: steven w.,  - View all my reviews
does as advertised

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Rating: Dry Bags
Reviewer: George Erchinger,  - View all my reviews
We found the seal on these bags to be very difficult to close. Quality freezer bags from the local grocer are a preferred choice for me over these bags because although somewhat thinner, they are easier to use and much less expensive.

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Rating: Great Product
Reviewer: Thomas S.,  - View all my reviews
This is the best zip-lock bag you can buy. Tested down to 130 full of air. It worked great.

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Rating: Not Great
Reviewer: Justin M.,  - View all my reviews
I found some to be more effective than others. Maybe it was the chlorine in the pool that caused water to get in. But still much better than a regular ziplock bag.

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333 out of 607 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Perfect for everything that must stay dry
Reviewer: Elizabeth A.,  - View all my reviews
I have one in each gear bag so cell phones and any other electronics can be protected. The fact that they are actually waterproof and not just water resistant gives peace of mind.

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