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Zeagle Zip Mount Adaptor Reviews
Zip Mount Adaptor
Great mounting system! - I only recently discovered the Zip-Mount system. For some reason it is rarely publicized. The salesmen at our local Zeagle dealer had never even heard of it. Ive bought a pair of 3cf SpareAirs for my buddy and myself and wed never found a satisfactory way of mounting them. Putting them on the front of the BC leaves them constantly in the way. And putting mounts on the BC tank band...

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Zeagle Stiletto BC Reviews
Stiletto BC
Great BC but still getting use to it. - i really like my stiletto bc. i am a big guy and the moveable components made it very easy to move the cumberbun to get to the right sizing. it is also compact and light weight. this is my first back inflate bc and get (and stay) horizontal like a salmon with no effort at all. however, i am still getting use to it on the surface for briefings as im either sitting too far forward or too far...

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Zeagle Ranger BC Reviews
Ranger BC
Aaron Cornett
No longer renting - I recently pruchased a Zeagle Ranger BC from SCUBA.COM. I was very pleased with the service, including an attempt at price matching with a different online company (who did not have my size in stock). The Zeagle Ranger is a great piece of kit. Very comfortable. Very adjustable. Very well made. As a point of comparison, it is a little bulky when packing it into a bag. I love the...

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Zeagle Pony Bottle System Reviews
Pony Bottle System
Nice set up - Works well, reg breaths very well, probably better than my primary Aqua Lung regulator. I wish the bottle holder could attach a bit more firmly, it tends to bounce around prior to getting in the water. Once in the water it is fine.
Zeagle Stiletto Bladder Reviews
Stiletto Bladder
Zeagle Stiletto Bladder Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Wanted a bladder for my Zeagle Tech BC that was better suited/more manageable for single tank diving. This fit my harness perfectly and performed great, which is what Ive come to expect from Zeagle products. A lot less drag from the big 65 lb lift wing that came standard. Highly recommended if your looking to make your kit more modular based on dive needs!
Zeagle Deluxe Signal Tube (SMB) Reviews
Deluxe Signal Tube (SMB)
Zeagle Deluxe Signal Tube (SMB) Review - $47.79 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This product seems to be durable and overall good quality whichI was going for. You do not want anything to fail on youwhen you need it the most. It wasnt very clear from website and pictures what it would look like sizewise and what kind of material it is made of and what is its durability, but i gotwhat I was looking for. I bought juts one because I wasnt sure about the product as I described,...

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Zeagle Octo-Z Breathable Inflator Reviews
Octo-Z Breathable Inflator
So far so good - No issues at all. The hose hook-up is great so you dont have to mess with filling/swishing the BC out a few times when you get home! The octos also can be left off while storing the BC. I have never had any issues w/ Zeagle products yet!
Zeagle Scout BC Reviews
Scout BC
Zeagle Scout BC Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Work as good as any other BC has wight compartment
Zeagle Line Cutter Reviews
Line Cutter
Zeagle Line Cutter Review - $23.75 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Using it to replace the mini knife on that I had on my inflation hose. Fits nicely on my BC strap with absolutely no bulk. It has the right balance of staying secure and easy to deploy. The yellow is a great touch, easy to find with a quick glance down. My buddy and I both got one, we are very pleased with them.
Zeagle 6lb Cylinder Mount Trim Pouch Reviews
6lb Cylinder Mount Trim Pouch
Zeagle 6lb Cylinder Mount Trim Pouch Review - $22.66 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Excellent product very well made, very satisfied with the product help me the trim greatly with my zeagle bcd ranger very happy with it I would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their trim and balance
Zeagle Single Cylinder Mounting Straps Reviews
Single Cylinder Mounting Straps
Zeagle Single Cylinder Mounting Straps Review - $63.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Straps were installed on a Zeagle backplate and worked as expected, with no issues or problems. I would recommend to anyone with a Zeagle backplate that does not want to use and or purchase a single tank adapter (STA).
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