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XS Scuba Bifocal Gauge Reader 2 Mask Reviews
Bifocal Gauge Reader 2 Mask
XS Scuba Bifocal Gauge Reader 2 Mask Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I took a chance and bought this mask for a trip to dive with whale sharks in Indonesia. I knew that I didnt want to spend my time under water struggling to try to read my electronics and camera. I wanted to be concentrating on just enjoying the experience. The mask fit very well and had no leaks and the plastic front was very clear with no distortion. There were no scratches on the lenses even...

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XS Scuba Surface Marker Buoy.(SMB) Reviews
Surface Marker Buoy.(SMB)
Excelent choice for a SMB - I ordered this SMB because the other one I have and I´ve been using did not have a bottom opening to fill it with an Octo. This XS Scuba SMB does have both the bottom opening for an Octo and the valve to inflate it with your mouth or conecting a BCD hose which is a hustle and cumbersome. I went diving this weekend and used my new XS Scuba SMB, it worked perfect inflating it with my octo, it...

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XS Scuba Weight Pouch Reviews
Weight Pouch
XS Scuba Weight Pouch Review - $4.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - this is a nice weight pouch, the velcro closure is secure. reclaimed lead shot can be found on line to fill the pouch, this makes for a very economical alternative to buying premade soft weights. reclaimed lead is often offered in a small 7.5-8 size which is nice for a comfortable fit against your body. the downside is that occasionally you may find the weight pouch working its way out of the...

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XS Scuba Titanium Knife Reviews
Titanium Knife
Great Knife. Sheath, Not So Durable - Im not a diver myself, but a deckhand and I use my knife frequently. That would explain how quickly it dulled on me, only took two days, but I can always get it sharpened again. That being said, it worked wonders on every material I used it on, sheered through cardboard, cut through burlap like it wasnt even there and of course just took a couple swipes to get through a thick line. Not to mention...

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XS Scuba MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose Reviews
MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose
XS Scuba MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - The fabric outer covering and increased flexibility of this hose combines for a much more durable hose. The flexibility also reduces work on the neck muscles as you look around. I like being able to choose specific lengths of hose so I can reduce the amount of hose that sticks out from the rig reducing both drag and risk of getting hung up on obstructions in a wreck. Even on new regulator sets, I...

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XS Scuba Airwave Plus Inline Octo Reviews
Airwave Plus Inline Octo
good buy - great item to add your list. it reduces a lot of clutter because your octo stays right with your inflater hose instead of dragging on the bottom and it is one less hose to worry about. you figure with the amount of equipment you have to dive with anything you can eliminate is a plus.
XS Scuba Beefy Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks Reviews
Beefy Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks
XS Scuba Beefy Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I use knee high compression stockings from the womans section of the department store. These are nice, but I wish they were longer. Choice of knee high would earn my fifth star. What the other reviews say about warmth is accurate. I do not dive without socks. These would be a good first pair for those who want to try out diving in socks.
XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit Reviews
Save A Dive Kit
Save a dive (and a head ache) - This little box has already be a dive saver for a couple of my buddies. I am Mr. gadget and in my scuba tool box has just about every thing one would need to save a dive. This has mask strap, fin strap, buckles, etc... You cant go wrong, because sooner than later you will need something in this little box. Definitely worth the purchase.
XS Scuba Cargo Stowable Snorkel Reviews
Cargo Stowable Snorkel
Love this! - As a long time diver of >500+ dives, initially I always wore my snorkel on my mask but as I became more experienced with better buoyancy I did not see the need to always attach my snorkel but I still wanted the insurance of having a snorkel available when I surface... this foldable snorkel fits perfect in my BC pocket where I can just pull it out when needed and it is not in any cumbersome case.
XS Scuba X5 Accessory Hanger Reviews
X5 Accessory Hanger
Exceptional Product - As a new diver or a veteran diver money is tight and we all want the best bang for the buck, Myself being a new diver I want to spend my money on the right type diving products. I like this product, appears to be of high quality at an unexpensive price. I like the way this hanger is made big and sturdy, you have a place to hang all your equipment for drying, it has a small U shaped additional...

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XS Scuba Bypass Elite Semi-Dry Snorkel Reviews
Bypass Elite Semi-Dry Snorkel
Great Snorkel - I got this snorkel for my girlfriend, but I gave it a try. I like it as much as my oceanic ultra dry, maybe even better becuase of the lack of pressure felt when underwater. The xs worked well for short dives and the purge was flawless.
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