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XCEL 8/7/6/5mm Polar Hydroflex Wetsuit with Attached Hood XCEL 8/7/6/5mm Polar Hydroflex Wetsuit with Attached Hood
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XCEL 7/6mm Thermoflex Ultrastretch Wetsuit XCEL 7/6mm Thermoflex Ultrastretch Wetsuit

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XCEL 3/2mm Thermolite Wetsuit XCEL 3/2mm Thermolite Wetsuit
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XCEL 7/6/5mm Thermobarrier Ultrastretch Wetsuit XCEL 7/6/5mm Thermobarrier Ultrastretch Wetsuit
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XCEL 3/2mm Thermoflex Wetsuit XCEL 3/2mm Thermoflex Wetsuit
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