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Underwater Kinetics

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Underwater Kinetics

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Underwater Kinetics manufactures waterproof cases, knives, certified lights and other accessories for the dive industry. After four decades, their mission remains the same: to consistently engineer and manufacture the most innovative, long lasting products with their cutting-edge technology and design.See more  

Underwater Kinetics

Company founder Alan Uke started Underwater Kinetics out of his dorm room at UCSD and it has been his labor of love ever since. Underwater Kinetics is committed to making the most innovative and efficient products on the market. In 1974, they were the company that invented the high-powered, small flashlight, revolutionizing the world of hand held lights. UK products continue to deliver the most cutting-edge technology, rugged durability, and superior performance. Only UK combines long-lasting reliability with ground-breaking design and ideas.

Underwater Kinetics' lights have brilliantly illuminated underwater expeditions in every corner of the planet for nearly four decades. Divers trust UK as the gold standard in performance, reliability, and durability. That’s why UK lights are the best-selling, brightest dive lights in the world. UK's premium waterproof cases and dive accessories are consistently lauded as the best in their class. UK products are investments in adventure that will last for decades.

UK developed a superior grade of stainless steel and Full Tang Construction to produce the world's best small, medium, and large dive knives. Their patented HYDRALLOY® steel creates a blade that is both strong and corrosion resistant where most competitors’ blades only offer one of those features.

Underwater Kinetics also makes hangers, camera accessories, and even bags, all of the same high caliber and quality that UK is known for. UK continue to do what they've always done best: innovate technology that raises the bar and blazes the path. Smaller. Lighter. Brighter. Better. It’s what Underwater Kinetics is all about. See less  

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Featured Products by Underwater Kinetics

Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon e.L.E.D. Light
Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon e.L.E.D. Light
Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL4 Light Bulb / Reflector
Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL4 Light Bulb / Reflector
Underwater Kinetics 718 Ultra Dry Box
Underwater Kinetics 718 Ultra Dry Box

Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

Underwater Kinetics Super Q eLED Rechargeable Light Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Super Q eLED Rechargeable Light Reviews

Reviewer: Mern Hau Tan on 11/30/2010

Super Q eLED Rechargeable Light review - It is one of the most wonderful underwater light I have ever purchased. The light output is amazing considering the affordable value and the miniature size of the light. The compactness fits perfectly into my BCD without hindrance on my overall equipment layout. Screw turn on/off design eliminate any accidental operation. And the range of light travel penetrating crevices is amazing. The most wonderful function is the ease on recharging of the Lithium Battery, supplied with charging dock, using USB cable. A must buy item!

Super Q eLED Rechargeable Light

Underwater Kinetics Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer Reviews

Reviewer: Paul Selden on 1/4/2010

HangAir Very Handy - ive been using a hangair for more than a year now, so can give a report based on a lot of use. in michigan i dive every week in a drysuit from about september through december, then again once the ice clears until about june, so my hangair stays busy. in a nutshell, this product works as advertisedand it works great. i use it for my drysuit. the inside of my drysuit usually gets damp from condensation (or leaks) after a dive. before using the hangair, letting it air dry always seemed chancy. using my hangair, the suit fills with so much air it puffs out all the way down to the feet, and pours out of the wrists. it now drys in hours, vs. what seemed like days. the other great part... View Full Review

Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer

Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL4 Light Bulb / Reflector Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL4 Light Bulb / Reflector Reviews

Reviewer: Larry M. on 3/7/2014

Kinetics SL4 Replacement Bulb - Very pleased with being able to replace the bulb/reflector in one of my diving flashlights - the Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL4. Perfect replacement, as bright as new, and I expect many, many more years of service with this flashlight (I have 2 of them). The flashlights themselves are basically indestructible and it seemed a shame to toss the light because of the dead bulb. The price on a replacement bulb/reflector at was the best I could find and service was excellent. A lot less expensive than buying a new flashlight. 5 stars.

Sunlight SL4 Light Bulb / Reflector

Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eL.E.D. Plus Light with Mask Strap Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eL.E.D. Plus Light with Mask Strap Reviews

Reviewer: Kurt K. on 3/25/2014

Good Value - I bought this light looking for a replacement for my small everyday dive light. Its small compact design is perfect. It provides plenty of light for poking in cracks and small dark spots. Also use it for a backup night dive light. My only complaint is that I have it attached to a retractable lanyard and the attachment point is in the middle of the light, not the end. That makes it a little awkward to stow in a BC pocket. All in all, a good value & performance for an AA backup light.

Mini Q40 eL.E.D. Plus Light with Mask Strap

Underwater Kinetics SL4 e.L.E.D. L1 Light Reviews

Underwater Kinetics SL4 e.L.E.D. L1 Light Reviews

Reviewer: Charles T. on 10/19/2013

Very good light - I have the UK SL4 LED and bought this L1 for my daughter. Considerably brighter light. First night dive I thought my batteries were going bad, next dive new batteries same difference. UK SL4 lights are strong and light weight. Narrow beam pattern. L1 is just a brighter light than the older models. Very happy, hope to not have to buy again for a long time.

SL4 e.L.E.D. L1 Light

Underwater Kinetics Exposure Wetsuit / Drysuit Hanger Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Exposure Wetsuit / Drysuit Hanger Reviews

Reviewer: Jim M. on 3/27/2014

This works great - I bought this at the same time I bought UK Wetsuit/Drysuit dryer. This was great for drying my dive skin over night, But the Dryer was amazing. It dried my 7mm wet suit over night it was great to put on a dry wet suit on the 2nd morning at Monterey.

Exposure Wetsuit / Drysuit Hanger

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