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Underwater Kinetics Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer Reviews
Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer
HangAir Very Handy - ive been using a hangair for more than a year now, so can give a report based on a lot of use. in michigan i dive every week in a drysuit from about september through december, then again once the ice clears until about june, so my hangair stays busy. in a nutshell, this product works as advertisedand it works great. i use it for my drysuit. the inside of my drysuit usually gets damp from...

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Underwater Kinetics 408 Ultra Dry Box Reviews
408 Ultra Dry Box
Sturdy and waterproof - We used this dry box on our recent trip to Roatan Honduras. I knew it was waterproof when I first opened it and the air pressure released as we live at about 5000 feet above sea level. We used the box to hold our prescription glasses log pages and snacks on the boat. The box is very sturdy and its front closure is very robust. We used the lanyard to carry it and the attachment seems very...

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Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eL.E.D. Plus Light with Mask Strap Reviews
Mini Q40 eL.E.D. Plus Light with Mask Strap
Good Value - I bought this light looking for a replacement for my small everyday dive light. Its small compact design is perfect. It provides plenty of light for poking in cracks and small dark spots. Also use it for a backup night dive light. My only complaint is that I have it attached to a retractable lanyard and the attachment point is in the middle of the light, not the end. That makes it a little...

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Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED Light Reviews
C8 eLED Light
Works well but has its faults - Bought this light to replace an C8 eLED Plus light that flooded. The standard version of the light is noticeably dimmer, if I had the chance to do it again I would pay the extra couple bucks for the "Plus" model. Also the lock on on/off switch is a joke. even in the locked/off position the switch has enough play to allow the light to turn on, and on more than one occasion I have opened my bag...

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