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Seasoft Scuba was founded in 1985, and has have been in business, designing, engineering and creating scuba equipment for 25 years. They produce high-quality, durable gear like buoyancy compensators, weight harnesses, and even drysuits that are built to last. See more  


SEASOFT SCUBA, founded in 1985 by Bruce Justinen, is the most innovative, creative and fastest growing manufacturer in the dive industry. It is well known for being the David among the Goliaths as it wins comparison tests and recognition for its advanced, groundbreaking designs.

Seasoft continues our growth and innovation. If you have not tried one of SEASOFT’s BCs, you are missing out on a BC that is configured to fit you perfectly. Enjoy our catalog of innovation where you will find many products designed to give you a better, warmer, more comfortable diving experience.

Now, more than ever, divers are demanding and expecting more value from every dollar. That might be one reason Seasoft Scuba continues to thrive. Every time a diving or snorkeling purchase was made this year said something about the value, trust, and experience our customers have in our products. It is the divers and dive retailers who are the real story at Seasoft Scuba

The next 25 years will be just as exciting as we continue to pursue excellence in creating new dive products. SEASOFT is introducing several new products this year that will continue our tradition of innovation. One thing that will never change at Seasoft is our philosophy. We are not the biggest, we don’t try to be as good as those big guys, we have to be better.See less  

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Seasoft Sea Pony BC Seasoft Sea Pony BC
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Seasoft 4mm XV-4 Drysuit Seasoft 4mm XV-4 Drysuit
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Seasoft TravLite BC Seasoft TravLite BC
Starting at
Seasoft Sea Lion BC Seasoft Sea Lion BC

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Seasoft Free Diving Vest Seasoft Free Diving Vest

Eligible for Free Shipping on orders over $25

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Seasoft Pro BC Seasoft Pro BC

Eligible for Free Shipping on orders over $25

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Seasoft Quikpak Diving Vest Seasoft Quikpak Diving Vest

Eligible for Free Shipping on orders over $25

Starting at

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