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SeaLife Cameras capture clear, crisp shots in HD, even hundreds of feet below the ocean. SeaLife Camera Accessories like wide-angle lenses and attachable lights make the most of your undersea photo shoot. SeaLife Bags keep your valuable SeaLife camera safe and sound between dives. A leader and innovator in underwater photography, SeaLife manufactures quality, easy-to-use underwater cameras and accessories.See more  




A dive without a camera is a wedding without pictures – if you’re seeing something beautiful, don’t you want those memories to last? The ocean is a breathtaking world of exotic vistas, and you can take those sights with you with a SeaLife Underwater Camera. Whether you’re an amateur shot-snapper or a professional photographer, there’s a SeaLife underwater camera suited perfectly to your needs. Preferred the world over by undersea photographers everywhere, a SeaLife camera means you, and your memories, are in good hands.


Innovative products and superior customer service - SeaLife's aim is that both will exceed your expectations.


SeaLife Cameras


Available in 9 or 14 megapixels, SeaLife underwater digital cameras capture clear, crisp shots at high resolution. The higher the resolution, the bigger you’ll be able to blow up your photos without losing quality. With a SeaLife underwater camera, you’ll be able to hang large-sized, crystal-clear prints of your dive photos anywhere in your house.


SeaLife underwater cameras are guaranteed to work at depth – depending on the model, the maximum depth of SeaLife cameras range between 130 and 300 feet (40 to 100 meters). SeaLife cameras combine the best features found in any standard camera with the unique needs of underwater photography. Large buttons make for easy operation, even when wearing gloves. SeaLife underwater cameras come equipped with multiple underwater-specific modes, color correction filters, and auto-focus features. They even come with rubberized shock-resistant cases, many of which can absorb falls of up to 6 feet!


These underwater digital cameras, like the SeaLife DC1400 Pro Video, can capture high-quality video as well. Many models can record HD video at 720p, and at 30 frames per second. The SeaLife DC1400 Pro Video can even capture sound, providing a perfect sensory recreation of your last dive.


SeaLife Camera Accessories


A picture’s only as good as the light bouncing off it, so many SeaLife underwater cameras come with ports for two Digital Pro Flash attachments. These work to help eliminate the murky shadows when diving deep, or when photographing inside of a wreck or cave. Digital Pro Flash attachments make sure your photos are clear, crisp, and brightly colored.


To make certain your videos are sharp and colorful, SeaLife also has photo and video light attachments for a more consistent light than a flash can provide.


Make the most of a SeaLife underwater camera with fish-eye wide-angle lens attachments, extra Digital Pro Flashes, LED light attachments, additional batteries, bigger memory cards, and even buoyancy control weights.


SeaLife Bags


Protect your investment with SeaLife camera bag. With durable material, full padding, and enough room for a camera and all of its accessories, a SeaLife bag is a requirement for keeping your gear safe.


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Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera
Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera
Sealife Sea Dragon 1200 L.E.D. Photo / Video Light
Sealife Sea Dragon 1200 L.E.D. Photo / Video Light
Sealife L.E.D. Video Light
Sealife L.E.D. Video Light

Sealife Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

Sealife Used DC1400 14 Megapixel Underwater Camera and HD Video Reviews

Sealife Used DC1400 14 Megapixel Underwater Camera and HD Video Reviews

Reviewer:Christopher C.on7/7/2012

Sealife DC1400 purchase - I had an older dc500, with the single external strobe flash, but I damaged the camera screen by carrying it in my pocket with the slim case. With the new DC1400, I also needed the new housing because the inside cameras are different.Now the old housing is obsolete. I was able to rif the old flash to work with the new housing by re-running the fiber optic cable to the new ring. At least this was a good aspect about use of previous purchase. The new housing is nice with the larger buttons, so I am happy with it. The built-in Sealife settings in the cameras are also very nice once you get used to them. Since the strobe is ever so slightly delayed by its optical pickup method, setting the... View Full Review

Used DC1400 14 Megapixel Underwater Camera and HD Video

Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera Reviews

Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera Reviews

Reviewer:Steven LeCheminanton1/27/2014

Sealife Mini 2 Dive Camera - bought this camera, on sale, for an upcoming snorkel adventure in hawaii. i also bought the wide angle lenses. the program is very easy to use and is specific for land, snorkel, and dive modes. at first, i used two aaa duracell batteries and found the camera will eat them up in no time. tried rechargeable batteries and got more life out of them. for the snorkeling, i will use the lithium type which will give the time i need for the dive. the 3x zoom is quirky and goes in steps by pressing the zoom button. it is important to the proper battery setting on the menu for the camera to sense battery use. fully read the instructions and play with the camera before using. the camera is... View Full Review

Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera

Sealife DC1400 14 Megapixel Underwater Dive Camera Reviews

Sealife DC1400 14 Megapixel Underwater Dive Camera Reviews

Reviewer:Kay M.on3/24/2014

All I can say is WOW! - this is my fourth underwater camera and my second sealife and things just keep getting better. this camera is a jewel. i love the housing. it is so easy to see underwater and so much easier to use. big buttons and a great display. this is also the first camera that has allowed me settings for underwater - even to the point of ing sea color as green or blue. it took a few dives for me to get it right, but my pictures are amazing. the pixelation is stunning. i am able to get a shot from some distance of, say, a trunk fish, and then crop it much smaller and still have stunning detail. the camera also lets you know it there is too much ambient light (need to be down at least 25 feet) by... View Full Review

DC1400 14 Megapixel Underwater Dive Camera

Sealife Reefmaster 9.0 Megapixel Underwater Camera Reviews

Sealife Reefmaster 9.0 Megapixel Underwater Camera Reviews

Reviewer:Lisa Stopchickon3/31/2014

scuba pictures! - When I was considering an underwater camera, I had certain things I knew I wanted, and some things I was unsure of. I called and asked questions and the man I talked to was most helpful in helping me decide the best camera for what I wanted to spend. He was also helpful in my getting the camera before I left on my vacation. I have since used the camera on my vacation and am very happy with it! Underwater photography is different from land and this camera is very easy to use and takes good pictures! I even found that I could video and did for 28 minutes! After, it was easy to watch the video, then freeze a few moments for picture stills. I would recommend not only this camera, but also... View Full Review

Reefmaster 9.0 Megapixel Underwater Camera

Sealife Replacement / Spare Camera Only (No Housing) for DC1400 Reviews

Sealife Replacement / Spare Camera Only (No Housing) for DC1400 Reviews

Reviewer:Jacob Brownon12/5/2013

Timely and great price. - I originaly ordered this camera replacement through my local dive shop for a little bit cheaper, paid in full and said they would order it that day, a week layer I check back to see if it had come in and they didnt even order it yet, waiting there I watched them order it and saw it submit, weeks later I check to see if it had come in yet, still no, over two months and still no camera, I look on and they have it in stock I called in to see if I could get a price match and they would! Minutes later I had a confirmation email saying my order was being processed and later that day it was already being shipped, four days later I got my camera in the mail!!!, I know who Im buying from... View Full Review

Replacement / Spare Camera Only (No Housing) for DC1400

Sealife Lens Dock Reviews

Sealife Lens Dock Reviews

Reviewer:Scott Michaelon6/6/2010

It works great - Its a necessity if you use the wide angle lens. The lens has to be put on when you are underwater to prevent air from being trapped between the camera and the W/A lens. The lens dock is the simplest and safest place for the W/A lens to be until you need it. Since I use the W/A lens almost 100% of the time, the lens dock is a no-brainer. If you use the optional SeaLife camera weight and the ext. flash, youll have to turn the weight 90 to allow the lens dock to fit. Dont forget to hook the leash on the W/A lens to the camera. I wouldnt trust the friction fit of either the lens dock of the front of the camera to hold up to an unlucky bump!!

Lens Dock

Sealife L.E.D. Video Light Reviews

Sealife L.E.D. Video Light Reviews

Reviewer:JON HALLon8/13/2012

Dual function light works well - My intent was to use this light instead of the digital flash I have been using for some still photos. Wound up attaching both lights as the video light comes with an attachment knob for attaching both lights to the camera (also a Sealife)....thought it might be difficult to operate the camera with both lights attached but had no problems. Experimented with both stills and video and the light performed very some very good pictures. My favorite feature was the ease of releasing the video light to use as a flashlight. The 500 lumen power at 100% provided more than enough light to see in dark spaces. The attached coil cord prevents the light from accidentally falling. Tried the 50%... View Full Review

L.E.D. Video Light

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