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That´s right. The SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece molds to fit your mouth, teeth, gums and jaws! It is scientifically designed by an orthodontist to use you entire jaw for maximum retention and control of the mouthpiece-regulator unit of your SCUBA equipment...without jaw fatigue and headache pain sometimes experienced with conventional mouthpieces. SeaCURE is even remoldable if your ´´bite´´ changes due to dental work!

The SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece is easily molded to fit you precisely! It is safe, durable and reliable. It fits most regulators. Above all, the SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece is a mouthful of diving comfort!

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Seacure Hi-Flow Custom Regulator Mouthpiece Seacure Hi-Flow Custom Regulator Mouthpiece
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