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ScubaPro LiteHawk Travel BC Reviews
LiteHawk Travel BC
ScubaPro LiteHawk Travel BC Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This is the 2013 design for the LIghtHawk BC. I bought it last minute for a sport diving trip to the Sea of Cortez based on other reviews and its high customer rating. I didnt want to spend the money on a new tech rig since I just sport dive now. I was very impressed. It packed up well and was easy to travel with. I added a couple of accessory weight pockets to the upper tank strap to add a...

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ScubaPro Aladin Squared Shark USB Download Kit Reviews
Aladin Squared Shark USB Download Kit
ScubaPro Aladin Squared Shark USB Download Kit Review - $78.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I am satisfied with this product. The program is pretty neat because I can visualize my dive profile after I get out of the water. The program: 1. allows you to add GPS location 2. See max/min/avg depth 3. Temperature max/min 4. dive start time 5. dive stop time 6. dive duration 7. Manually Additive notes: a. suit type b. rating c. interval d....

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ScubaPro 0.5mm Profile Steamer Womens Wetsuit Reviews
0.5mm Profile Steamer Womens Wetsuit
ScubaPro 0.5mm Profile Steamer Wetsuit for 2014 Review - $131.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The ScubaPro 0.5 mm Profile Steamer wetsuit is a perfect addition for divers in warm water climates. It weighs little in that precious baggage limit and take little space. I prefer this to a rashie or a shortie wetsuit for protection from marine stings and the odd bump or scrape in tight swim throughs when there is a bit of current. It fits like a glove but for me there is a weirdness with the...

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ScubaPro Mk25 Evo / S600 Reviews
Mk25 Evo / S600
ScubaPro Mk25 Evo / S600 Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Bought to replace a Sherwood Magnum. While the Magnum is a fine regulator, the ergonomics of the hose routing (under arm) werent good, and the adjustability of the air flow was just OK. The S600 air flow adjustment is wonderful. It also seems to dry out my mouth significantly less. All in all, its a wonderful regulator. Excellent quality. Make sure you set up the first stage pointing down,...

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ScubaPro 2.5mm Profile Sport Mens Shorty Wetsuit Reviews
2.5mm Profile Sport Mens Shorty Wetsuit
ScubaPro 2.5mm Profile Sport Mens Shorty Wetsuit Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - The quality of the Scuba Pro wetsuit is great. However, the sizing chart on the website for this wetsuit is not accurate. The chest is overly tight, to the point where Im concerned that it would restrict my breathing under water. I plan to try the wetsuit in a pool and hope that is stretches to the point of being usable. If not, I will try to give it away.
ScubaPro 6.5mm Heavy Duty Zipper Dive Boots Reviews
6.5mm Heavy Duty Zipper Dive Boots
ScubaPro 6.5mm Heavy Duty Zipper Dive Boots Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I have been a Diver & Diving Suppervisor for the past 36 years and these are the one of the best boots I have owned, as anyone who works full time as a diver knows most of the working day is spent on the boat/barge or climing over the rocks so a firm sole is very important. I like the way the sole curves up around the foot as this were most of my boots wore.
ScubaPro Wrist Depth Gauge Reviews
Wrist Depth Gauge
Excellent Value! - This depth gauge is an excellent value and is of high quality. The accuracy and functionality is exceptional. Reading the gauge is very easy and is an excellent source for backup as well. The wrist band is perfect fits over any suit or on bare wrist in warm water diving. All of this and being backed by a manufacture that is synonymous with high quality products. Dive master Bub.
ScubaPro X-Tek Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Reviews
X-Tek Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
ScubaPro X-Tek Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - A little bit pricey, but its a very technical and convenient SMB nonetheless. You can use both oral or regulator to inflate and it will stay upright on the surface. For those wondering, it does comes with a small bag for storage and velcro to keep it roll up.
ScubaPro Mesh Sack Backpack Bag Reviews
Mesh Sack Backpack Bag
Holds everything you need - Perfect bag for your gear to and from the boat. Spent a week in Cayman last month and the bag got a lot of travel time and it worked out great. Im a big guy so my BCD and Fins are about as big as they make and it all fit in this bag. The outside pouch is why I bought this bag over others for personal item storage from wallets, phones, to sun screen. Highly recommend.
ScubaPro Jet Sport Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews
Jet Sport Adjustable Strap Fins
ScubaPro Jet Sport Adjustable Strap Fins Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - These fins may not be as fast as some of the more expensive split fins, but for me they require little effort to keep up with my diving partner, easy to slip on and snap in the buckle and adjust the fit. Best of all I enjoyed the price.
ScubaPro Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge Reviews
Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge
Great mask if it fits you well - i bought this mask for a friend, but it did not fit him well. he liked the purge valve, but a few s kept seeping in whatever he tried. before the second dive we switched masks to try out the fit and save my friend the hassle of the small leakage. for me it fit perfectly, no leakage at all. also i loved the purge valve. it is a low volume mask, so it will be tight on some bigger noses, my nose...

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