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Scubamax Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag Reviews
Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Traveling snorkel gear bag - Like the fin bag. The bag was put in large suitcase and only fit corner to corner standing on its side, which makes it hard to pack around. The front mask pocket works better for accessories, which is very handy. The lower pocket is not very deep and the zipper access is hard to get to, the upper mask pocket is setting to close on top of it. The lower pocket works well for a large ziplock or...

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Scubamax 5-Page Wrist Dive Slate Reviews
5-Page Wrist Dive Slate
Arm Slate - I bought this item for my Son who is a cable installer. He stopped at our house one day on his lunch break. It had been raining and his pants were soaked. While he ate lunch, we dried his clothes. He had written information on his hand with a permanent marker to remember some figures need for work. He said this was the only way he could do it in the rain, because paper and pen were useless...

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Scubamax Adjustable Lanyard Reviews
Adjustable Lanyard
Charles Brodsky
Adjutable Divers Lanyard: - With the Investment in a good Quality Divers Knife, you need to be able not to Loose it when you pull it out of its sheath. For eg. if you happen to pull out your knife for what ever the reason like a predator that is too close for your comfort ( invading your personal space) & you need to scare Him/Her off you can always punch it in the snout, where all their most sensitive nerves are or jab it...

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Scubamax 3mm Kids Wetsuit Reviews
3mm Kids Wetsuit
Jacqueline Langham
Scubamax 3mm Kids Wetsuit Review - $59.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The wetsuits work perfectly for my grand kids. Awesome protection from sun, sand and while surfing. Ages 8,9,10 had an enjoyable time at the beach. The wetsuits helped keep them warm and they spent hours in the water. The service was excellent. I had to order another one for the youngest grandson and the representative at personally put the additional wetsuit in Fed ex. overnight. ...

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Scubamax GoPro HERO Mask Mount Reviews
GoPro HERO Mask Mount
Hands free - enjoyed having my hands free to enjoy the dive, knowing the video was taking care of itself. mounted on my mask, i did find need to limit the amount i shift my glance in order to avoid jerky motion on the videolearning process for better filming. the mount was solid, although the tight space between the gopro and the mask, so tightening the gopro mount screw was a wee bit difficult but not...

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Scubamax Deluxe Neoprene Knife Wrap Reviews
Deluxe Neoprene Knife Wrap
Scubamax Deluxe Neoprene Knife Wrap Review - $16.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I am new to diving, but am a long time adventure sport enthusiast. I purchase my gear based on functionality and quality, and this wrap has both. I purchased this in conjunction with the Scuba brand stainless knife (roughly 10" overall length) and the two fit perfectly together. Cant go wrong for the price.
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