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Princeton Tec

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For over thirty years, Princeton Tec has strove to provide the most rugged, durable, and high-quality products for all environments. Whether diving, biking, hiking, spelunking, or any kind of adventuring, Princeton Tec has the resilient and powerful lights, clips, and accessories to make sure you always have your eyes on the journey and your mind on the road. See more  

Princeton Tec


Since 1975, New Jersey-based Princeton Tec's goal has been to support the outdoor community by building lighting products for the people who need superior illumination for any situation. Their products are designed to enhance all outdoor activities, crossing the boundaries from scuba and water sports; to camping and backpacking; to snow sports; alpine sports and road/commuter biking. PTec also produces industrial, tactical and accessory lights. Be Bright!


Princeton Tec is committed to creating the best lights out there for all pursuits that demand a bright, tough and reliable lighting source. They do this by using the best technology, locking themselves in the testing labs, and spending hours out in the elements for days on end. At Princeton Tec, we've been pioneering new technologies and building lights for more than three decades. And yes, you could say it's been quite a ride. In their pursuit to be the world's best, they've traveled the earth by ocean, by air, by bike and by foot. Princeton Tec has consulted great athletes, scaled mountains, traversed the poles, touched the ocean floors and rolled two wheels on every continent. They are constantly inspired by what their ever-evolving environments have to offer. The human spirit challenges Princeton Tec to tackle them. This spirit, theirspirit, motivates Princeton Tec to push technology and design, so that they can ensure that you have not only the best lighting solutions, but solutions where technology is applied and the performance makes sense.


Princeton Tec creates lights of all styles and varieties, including head lamps, bike lights, hand-held lights of all intensities, and replacement bulbs for all of their equipment. Princeton Tec also makes clips and lanyards to make sure you don't lose your light (or any piece of equipment), manufacturing retractable clips, coil lanyards, octo holders, and carabiner clips.

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Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light
Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light
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Princeton Tec Nav Light Pack
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Princeton Tec Blast Bulb

Princeton Tec Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

Princeton Tec Miniwave L.E.D. Light Reviews

Princeton Tec Miniwave L.E.D. Light Reviews

Reviewer: Jane P. on 11/16/2009

Let there be light.. - i picked up a couple of princeton tec miniwave eleds for my wife and i to take on a trip to cozumel last month. we did two night dives on our trip. one from the shore and the second from a boat. i also used the light on the interior portions of a wreck dive. the lights worked great. the leds provided plenty of light. most of the time we kept the lights on low power to conserve battery life and it was more than adequate for our needs. the high setting was very bright and it easily iliuminated a barracuda 50 ft. away in the clear water off of cozumel. the blue-white light provided very good color contrast. a couple of the other divers had older c8 lights that had a much dimmer,... View Full Review

Miniwave L.E.D. Light

Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Reviews

Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Reviews

Reviewer: DeeAnna W. on 2/1/2014

Good light for the price.... - i purchased two of these dive lights, one in pink and one in yellow. the light is reasonably compact and plenty bright for what i need. id recommend it for the casual rec diver or as a backup to a better dive light. loaded with 8 aa batteries, the light will add about 1 lb to your overall weight. i followed the advice in other reviews to add a thin coat of silicone grease to the o-rings and threads of the front cap (what you unscrew to get to the batteries). i also dismantled the power switch and lightly coated the o-ring seals with silicone grease as well. after greasing, i havent seen any leaks, but i dont have long term experience with the light either. (you can find silicone grease in a... View Full Review

Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light

Princeton Tec Shockwave II Light Reviews

Princeton Tec Shockwave II Light Reviews

Reviewer: mark mcdonnell on 4/8/2014

princeton tec shockwave II light - great light for the price,like the high-low option of the light,saves battery works great.orderd another one.the boots and gloves work great order takes 4 days from the time I order to the door keep up the good work.

Shockwave II Light

Princeton Tec Nav Light Pack Reviews

Princeton Tec Nav Light Pack Reviews

Reviewer: Olivier B. on 7/26/2014

Great product at a great price - The lights are great quality. The only problem is the switch on the big one is slughtly too small to manipulate with thick gloves.

Nav Light Pack

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