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Max Air

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"Breathe Confident . . . Breathe Max-Air." With decades of experience in high pressure breathing air compressors, fill stations, and air storage, Max-Air is the professional's choice for durable and reliable breathing air systems. Consider Max-Air for all your high pressure breathing air compressor needs.See more  

Max Air

As a Texas-based company, all Max-Air products are assembled in USA. The Kerrville, Tex support staff is always ready to assist their customers with the safe use and maintenance of their Max-Air products. Max-Air is experienced in many diverse applications, including SCBA, SCUBA, Fire Stations, Police, Military, Rescue Units, Paintball, Shipboard Breathing Air, and Industrial Breathing Air applications. What this means is that Max-Air compressors operate in the harshest conditions, in normal and abnormal situations, and are designed to handle everything.

Max-Air compressors come in multiple styles and models, and are powered by electricity, gasoline, or diesel depending on the model. Max-Air® has a diverse line of high pressure compressors for breathing air applications as well as high pressure air needs. Stationary models are available, as well as portable, and even personal-portable meant for use and carry by just one person.

Max-Air also provides everything you'll ever need to keep your Max-Air compressor in tip-top condition. This includes oil for lubrication, filters to keep grit out, moisture/carbon monoxicde indicators, bleeders of different materials, hoses, pressure gauges, DIN to Yoke adapters, paintball cylinder fill valves, and all manner of maintenance materials.

No matter what the job or the situation, with Max-Air you can always breathe easy.See less  

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Max Air Max Air 35 Standard Compressor Max Air Max Air 35 Standard Compressor
Starting at
Max Air 90 Standard-Diesel Compressor Max Air 90 Standard-Diesel Compressor
Starting at
Max Air 90 Standard Compressor Max Air 90 Standard Compressor
Starting at
Max Air Maxlube 501 Compressor Oil (1 Gallon) Max Air Maxlube 501 Compressor Oil (1 Gallon)
Starting at
Max Air Purification Cartridge For Grade E Air Max Air Purification Cartridge For Grade E Air
Starting at
Max Air 90 Standard Compressor Filter Max Air 90 Standard Compressor Filter
Starting at
Max Air 55 Standard Compressor Max Air 55 Standard Compressor
Starting at
Max Air 90SE 5000psi Breathing Air Compressor Max Air 90SE 5000psi Breathing Air Compressor
Starting at
Max Air 90SE-FD 5000psi Breathing Air Compressor Max Air 90SE-FD 5000psi Breathing Air Compressor
Starting at

Max Air Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

Max Air Max Air 35 Standard Compressor Reviews

Max Air Max Air 35 Standard Compressor Reviews

Reviewer: Mark Swenson on 7/13/2007

Dive Compressor - The Max Air 35 met or exceeded our expectations. And was in fact faster at filling dive tanks quicker than the large compressor at the Two Harbors dive shop. The motor is a bit noisy, so be kind to your neighbors.

Max Air 35 Standard Compressor

Max Air Maxlube 501 Compressor Oil (1 Gallon) Reviews

Max Air Maxlube 501 Compressor Oil (1 Gallon) Reviews

Reviewer: Douglas Burrell on 4/26/2014

OEM product fast shipping - Very happy with the product fast efficient service

Maxlube 501 Compressor Oil (1 Gallon)

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