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Innovative Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap And Whistle Reviews
Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap And Whistle
Vest recommended! - first of all a few things about me: i like good equipment, i research to find the best of quality and cost (without skimping), i am in my 40s, in good shape but could loose a few ), and im a water baby. so.... i went to several dive shops and looked extensively online for a snorkeling vest. this vest is one of the best i was able to find in craftsmanship, material, and cost. the material is soft...

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Innovative Squid Diving Hat Reviews
Squid Diving Hat
Christopher G.
Good for those who are "light on top". - Got tired of burning my scalp on the surface swims to and from the dive spots. This serves the purpose fine. The only downfall is the lettering has already started to come off, only after a few dives.
Innovative Compass Slate Reviews
Compass Slate
David Smith
Good Compass and Slate Combo - This is a good slate and compass combo. You can write on both sides with the attached pencil. With the locking retractor is keeps it out of the way until needed, but handy when you are ready to use it without tugging on you all the time. The only downside is that the compass must be almost perfectly level to use, if it is tilted too much then the dial hangs up on itself and then isnt accurate....

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Innovative Jacket Style Snorkeling Vest Reviews
Jacket Style Snorkeling Vest
Snorkelling Confidence Restored - We just came back from Roatan where I tried this vest for the first time. Im extremely happy with it! ! I love snorkeling but Im not a strong swimmer and had a bad experience snorkeling in choppy waters a couple of years ago. This vest allowed me to stand up in deeper water when I needed to make adjustments to my mask and snorkel. Also,when snorkeling I feel more confident with the extra buoyancy...

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Innovative Large Quest Slate Reviews
Large Quest Slate
good product, bad pencils - I have both Quest slates, this large one and the mini. The mini is nice because it easily fits into a BC pocket. The large one is good for groups because it is easier to read. As far as I know, it is the only product of its kind. HOWEVER, the magnetic pencil leaves something to be desired. When you get a good one, they work fine. But after a while, the magnetic tip may fall off, and nobody seems...

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Innovative Dry Bag Reviews
Dry Bag
Martin O.
A little "cheesey" but for the money, not bad - it is handy to have these inexpensive style bags for trinkettes on the boat. You cant beat the price!
Innovative Max Force Retractor with Stainless Steel Carabiner Connector Reviews
Max Force Retractor with Stainless Steel Carabiner Connector
Large but strong retractor - I bought this retractor after having wasted my money on two other ones that were not capable of holding my computer off the ground while walking to the water. This one is definitely stronger than most and works well. With my Aeris ai (air integrated computer with compass module) the computer hangs with about 1/2" of line extended out from the base of the retractor. Previously the computer...

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Innovative Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit Reviews
Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit
Very handy - Use it all the time
Innovative T2 Toolpack Reviews
T2 Toolpack
In the middle - Kind of in the middle of this item..... It is an interesting tool and I am sure it would come in handy should the need.
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