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Hollis F1 ´´Bat Fin´´ Adjustable Spring Strap Fins Reviews
F1 ´´Bat Fin´´ Adjustable Spring Strap Fins
Outstanding power and control, great spring strap - Though I dive with multiple tanks and in a dry suit in California waters, I have been using Scubapro Twin Jet split fins for years as they are comfortable and gave fine control. But swimming upstream in a current seemed to need more power. I tried recent Atomic fins but found them to be too stiff and the spring strap buckles opened twice in kelp forests when kelp wrapped around the fasteners....

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Hollis Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Clip Reviews
Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Clip
Thanks for nothing scuba.com - These were listed on the website as being in stock. Then got an email 4 days after order was placed saying they were backordered. So then they finally shipped order. They could have given me a suitable substitute or asked if i wanted a suitable substitute but instead shipped order. On top of that they charge an additional fee of $10 gor shipping to and FPO address when it truly is not an extra...

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Hollis Weight Belt Reviews
Weight Belt
William Semple
hollis weight belt - I never received this product I had ordered and paid for...I was told it was out of stock and instead of refunding my money I was sent a piece of garbage I cant even use...they called this an upgrade and said the transaction was done. After complaining in a few emails scuba.com said they would send me the right item with no additional cost to me... its been months now and they never did... I...

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Hollis M-4 Frameless Mask Reviews
M-4 Frameless Mask
Miichael Dexter
Hollis M4 - Great mask good fit and comfortable. Iam diabetic and blind in my right eye so it makes good use of what vision I have
Hollis 321 Balanced Octo Reviews
321 Balanced Octo
Paddy Jordan-Higgins
Your welcome! - Thats what Ill be saying to my buddy, next time they run out of air. Once theyve tried this octo theyll want to be buddy-breathing all the time!! While I havent had to use it yet, Ive used it on a couple of dives as my reg (just to try it out!). Super comfortable, effortless breathing. Not the cheapest octo on the market, but worth every cent I paid for it!! I would reccommend everyone...

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Hollis 5lb Non-Ditchable Weight Pockets -Pair Reviews
5lb Non-Ditchable Weight Pockets -Pair
Trim is in - As a diver with heavy muscular legs, I often need more trim than ditchable weights. These pockets enable me to effectively position up to 10 additional pounds of trim weights. These are especially useful when diving in thick wetsuits or dry suits both of which require more ballast.
Hollis DC1 212 Maxflex Regulator Reviews
DC1 212 Maxflex Regulator
excellent regulator - this is by far the best regulator ive ever used. it is completely even though all depths and super-easy to adjust (although theres usually no need to make any adjustments it works great on all settings). just dont forget to flip the travel swich before use! i feel safer using this. anything by hollis is tops.
Hollis Pony Bottle Gauge Reviews
Pony Bottle Gauge
Timothy Hedrick
Great LIttle Gauge - This is perfect for using as a backup for wireless computers. Works great!
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