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H2O Audio was founded on an idea that we shouldn´t be bounded where we listen to our music just because we are passionate about our water / snow /sand sports. Why should the runners and cyclists get to keep their tunes on while they play, but our MP3 players are locked in our cars, or sitting on shore yearning to play the soundtrack we imagine in our mind. It just wasn´t fair, and because we didn´t want to sit around and whine about it, we chose to find a solution. Not just any solution, we chose to find the solution.

We knew we didn´t want to be limited to some cheap featureless player just because we are in the water. No, that wouldn´t work. We wanted gigs of music. We wanted our whole collection. That is why we have chosen to support the best MP3 player manufacturers in the industry, by offering a solution that truly takes down all of their geographical boundaries (the earth is 2/3 water don´t you know).

So we started our quest to build something that we could trust our various music collections with, and take them in the water. Once we were in the lineup with our favorite rendition of Jimmy, we were convinced we couldn´t keep this to ourselves. Then we took it one step further, we continued to make something that YOU could take your music collection into the water...or snow...or sand, with.

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With over 20,000+ products from over 120 different manufacturers to choose from, and a Lowest Price Guarantee, we are sure one of our instructors would be able to assist you in finding gear that is just right for you. Call our Scuba Instructors at 800-34-SCUBA or Click here for our complete line of products.

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