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Franko’s Maps began in 1992 when I was just trying to suit my own want of a map for mountain biking the local trails near my home in Corona, California. Inventing cartographic methods, I created “Franko’s Map of Santa Ana Mountains”, plus “Franko’s Map of Chino Hills State Park”. Since those beginnings, I’ve expanded a bit: First, I added more trail maps, including Franko’s Map of Big Bear!, and Franko’s Map of San Joaquin Hills (later renamed Franko’s Map of South Coast Wilderness). Then I made a series of six California islands and coastal maps, starting with a map of my beloved Santa Catalina Island. I then created a series of Hawaiian Islands maps, an enormously ambitious endeavor, yet obviously fun. Franko’s Map of Oahu led to a second Oahu map, called Franko’s Oahu Surfing Map. This success led to my developing Franko’s Map of Orange County Surfing and Franko’s Map of San Diego Surfing, and there are more surfing maps coming. Simultaneously, I came up with an new type of “fish cards”, which are really miniature “Franko’s Maps” on side 1, with local undersea creatures on side 2. Along the way I’ve made boating and fishing related maps too, such as Franko’s Map of Big Bear Lake, Franko’s Map of Newport Harbor and Upper Newport Bay, and Franko’s Map of Mission Bay. The Newport map was originally made to suit my own enjoyment of kayaking there. All of the above maps are printed on plastic paper so that they are waterproof and rip-proof. The use of plastic is just right for use in the mountains, islands, ocean, harbors and lake environments. Of course there will be more and more Franko’s Maps in the future.
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