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Brownies manufacturers hookah dive systems that allow multiple divers to hit the water without the aid of traditional scuba tanks. They have easy-to-use models, powered by electricity or gas. They have versions for recreational and commercial diving, both of which are simple to set up and use. See more  


Brownie´s Marine Group, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Trebor Industries, Inc., d/b/a Brownie´s Third Lung, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida designs, tests, manufactures and distributes recreational hookah diving, yacht based scuba air compressor and Nitrox Generation Systems, and scuba and water safety products. The Company sells its products both on a wholesale and retail basis and is comprised of three highly specialized dive product groups. The Company is an industry leading manufacturing and distribution company that serves middle income boat owners, higher income yacht owners, recreational divers, military operators and public safety personnel. The Company holds more than ten patents and enjoys a robust product development and intellectual property program that has yielded several proprietary products. Many of these products and innovations have become the ´´standard´´ for the marine industry. The Company is known for its meticulous devotion to detail, high quality production and design ingenuity. In the boating and diving community, Brownie´s is known as the market leader when it comes to surface supplied ´´Third Lung´´ dive systems and Scuba Tankfill Systems for yacht-based diving. Brownie´s products and support service divers at all levels of the underwater world, from shallow-water dive systems to deep-water mixed gas support systems for exploration divers and submariners.

In 2011, Brownie´s introduced the first in a series of patent-pending Variable Speed Battery Powered Third Lung (hookah diving) devices engineered to conserve energy while delivering performance to the diver. Brownie´s Marine Group is a vertically integrated manufacturer with complete in-house resources and design capabilities to suit every recreational hookah diving need. Brownie’s designs, assembles, tests and sells most of its equipment at our factory in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This involves everything from stitching gear bags to assembling air hoses for hookah systems. Involvement in every step of design and construction of our products allows us to control the quality of the production process from top to bottom. Please come by to visit us if you are in the Ft. Lauderdale area. We can help you with any of your hookah or scuba diving requirements or special requests.

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Brownies Third Lung Hookah. Brownies Third Lung Hookah.
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Brownies Commercial Deck Mount Electric Hookah System Brownies Commercial Deck Mount Electric Hookah System
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Brownies Commercial Gas Hookah, 270 Gas Brownies Commercial Gas Hookah, 270 Gas
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Brownies Commercial Gas Hookah, 390 Gas Brownies Commercial Gas Hookah, 390 Gas
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Brownies Commercial Duty Hookah System Brownies Commercial Duty Hookah System
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Brownies Care Kit 390 Brownies Care Kit 390
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