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Body Glove

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Body Glove

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For over 50 years, Body Glove has been synonymous with wetsuits. Responsible for creating the first practical wetsuit, Body Glove has since gone on to become the world leader in insulating wetsuits and water apparel. Body Glove is known around the world now for their wetsuits, dry suits, gloves, boots, dive skins, and surf gear. See more  

Body Glove

In 1953, twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell co-founded Body Glove when they designed the first practical wetsuit. Almost 60 years later Body Glove is one of very few family owned surf/dive brands in the world. It all began in a pool in Booneville, Missouri. Bill and Bob were fascinated with the water. When they were 14 years old, they fashioned their own diving helmet out of a vegetable can and a tire pump. They explored the bottom of a pool reading magazines while the other held the air pump on the surface.

In 1959, the two inventors discovered an insulating material used in the back of refridgerators. With this "neoprene," the Meistrell brothers fashioned the first practical wetsuits. Their new innovation allowed them to created the "Body Glove" wetsuit.

It is this history of innovation and love of the ocean that challenges Body Glove to make products fitting every waterman’s needs. Body Glove is proud to be one of the last family owned dive / surf businesses and pledges to continually build products that enhance and protect us both above and below the water’s surface.

Don’t let cold water stop you from surfing, diving, or wakeboarding in comfort and style. Body Glove wetsuits have been at the forefront of performance and technology for nearly 60 years.See less  

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Body Glove 3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest
Body Glove 3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest
Body Glove 6.5/3mm Diving Hood
Body Glove 6.5/3mm Diving Hood
Body Glove 7mm EVX Super-Stretch Wetsuit
Body Glove 7mm EVX Super-Stretch Wetsuit

Body Glove Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

Body Glove 0.5mm Insotherm Titanium Wetsuit Reviews

Body Glove 0.5mm Insotherm Titanium Wetsuit Reviews

Reviewer: Jafar D. on 1/8/2014

High Quality Suit - Body Glove is known for reliable and quality products. This .5mm suit is no exception. Ir runs true to size and fits like a "Body Glove." Only reason it did not receive 5 stars is because the delivered suit is not the same as the pictured suit on web site. The front logo cosmetics has large "DIVE" lettering with the Body Glove hand/dive flag logo. The pictured suit on the web site only says "Body Glove" which is what I wanted and expected. This suit serves me well here in Bali,Indonesia. It is all I usually need or can be layered with a shortie or dive skin if deep diving or for longer dives.

0.5mm Insotherm Titanium Wetsuit

Body Glove 3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest Reviews

Body Glove 3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest Reviews

Reviewer: Brian Priest on 3/8/2014

Snorkeling in Bonaire - My husband and I both bought this vest for a trip to Bonaire where the water temp is 78 degrees. This was such a good decision to purchase this vest. We were able to snorkel comfortable for about an hour with this vest on. Probably 1/2 hour more than if we did not wear them. The front zipper afforded easy on and off. Sizing was small, though. We both had to size up the largest size available for both of us. Its tight around our wastlines so any love handles are quite visible if you wear a two piece (for women.)

3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest

Body Glove 3mm Vapor Super-Stretch Surf Gloves .. Reviews

Body Glove 3mm Vapor Super-Stretch Surf Gloves .. Reviews

Reviewer: WARREN ALLEN on 3/17/2014

love you all at - USPS tried to deliver some gloves I ordered to the wrong zip code, the ship to address was correct they just couldnt figure it out for some reason, even after I contacted them three times while they were in possession of it. The only thing they did do right was ship it back to Scuba. You guys/gals Fedexd it right away to me and I just want to thank you for peace of mind. I commute by bike and do not own a car I use gloves like the 3mm vapor super stretch to bike to and from work/grocery store/etc., in freezing cold temps.

3mm Vapor Super-Stretch Surf Gloves ..

Body Glove 6 Oz.  540 Lycra Rash Guard Shorts Reviews

Body Glove 6 Oz. 540 Lycra Rash Guard Shorts Reviews

Reviewer: Chris L. on 4/1/2010

Great Dive Skin - Im very happy with this product. The sizing is dead on (Im 5 11", 175 lbs., 32" waist, so I got a medium), good quality, and very comfortable. I use an open-cell wetsuit, so in my case any dive skin is going to be less comfortable than no dive skin at all, but I need one as a modesty preservative and as a means to avoid an indecent exposure charge when suiting up at the lake. This is perfect for that role.

6 Oz.  540 Lycra Rash Guard Shorts

Body Glove 3mm Flipper Slipper Low-Top Fin Socks Reviews

Body Glove 3mm Flipper Slipper Low-Top Fin Socks Reviews

Reviewer: Chris Murphy on 9/1/2007

not at all what i thought - thought i was buying a boot that we could use on our pwc and in gravel, these things are simply toes with a heal strap to make flippers fit more comfortably, my mistake but picture did not make this clear.

3mm Flipper Slipper Low-Top Fin Socks

Body Glove 3mm Super Diving Beanie Reviews

Body Glove 3mm Super Diving Beanie Reviews

Reviewer: Heather A. on 5/15/2013

Body Glove Beanie - I have been looking for this beanie for several years in royal blue. My old beanie is 10 years old and no longer has any blue cloth covering, just the black neoprene is left. LOVE THIS BEANIE!!!! I order the wrong size and had to return them, no problems in getting the correct size. What a change from most online purchases!

3mm Super Diving Beanie

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