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Big Blue

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With advanced designs and unprecedented affordability, Bigblue offers the most affordable and technologically advanced LED and HID lights on the market. They incorporate the latest technologies producing the most efficient portable illumination. Whether you are looking for a simple recreational dive light, a full-blown technical underwater illumination system, or just accessories for your light - Bigblue has a light for you! See more  

Big Blue

Bigblue Dive Lights entered the dive light market in 2007 introducing their first light models at the DEMA show in Orlando that year. The unique shape, color and functionality established by those first-year models set the standard for the Bigblue brand. Each year Bigblue has continued to build upon the reputation for innovation, performance, and quality becoming the only dive light manufacturer to aggressively pursue new innovations in recreational lights, technical lighting products, and lights designed for photo and video needs. Utilizing the latest in LED technology, and incorporating creative accessory designs keeps us on top of the diving market.

Dedicated to producing the most technologically advanced and user-friendly diving gears, including hand torches for various activities, Big Blue continues to utilize the latest technologies. Their mission is to produce professional grade diving gear, as they believe every piece of equipment is extremely important to every serious diver. Big Blue applies only the best materials and design to their products, and does not compromise in quality.

Big Blue commenced research and development of their diving gear years ago. They began as one of the specialized manufacturers of HID and High-Output LED underwater lighting equipment located in Hong Kong. Today, they distribute their products globally and have a broad client base, including many satisfied customers from the whole world.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we utilize the latest technology to manufacture hi-tech and powerful lighting equipment, video lighting and underwater photography accessories. Our products also feature High Intensity Discharge ("HID") or High-Output LED technologies. See less  

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Featured Products by Big Blue

Big Blue VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light
Big Blue VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light
Big Blue CF900P L.E.D. Light
Big Blue CF900P L.E.D. Light
Big Blue AL350W L.E.D. Light
Big Blue AL350W L.E.D. Light

Big Blue Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

Big Blue Quattro XL L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue Quattro XL L.E.D. Light Reviews

Reviewer: David Lee on 4/3/2012

Excellent Light - This is an excellent light. At 1000 lumens it really outshines anything of lower brightness. When I first got it, I thought it would be too big and heavy to be easily used but once I got it connected and tried out it is very comfortable. I hooked it to a "snappy" just in case. It fit into my BC zippered pocket easily for ascent and decent then I could remove it underwater for use. I didnt know what to do with the very large handle but found it made an excellent hook which I could attach the flashlight to my chest strap while not in use and it doesnt dangle so I could swim through caves and near the bottom without it being in the way but still be trivially accessible when I needed... View Full Review

Quattro XL L.E.D. Light

Big Blue VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light Reviews

Reviewer: Antonio Mornar on 4/9/2014

Very good light - I spent weeks of searching for best very high lumens underwater light for good price. I watched underwater videos took with Sola 1200, and I watched some reviews with other 2500 lumes video lights. This one with discount price of 260 US$ is the best, I thought as this is Hong Kong product that it will be low end materials and quality but when I got this robust quality video light at first sight you see that it is quality product. Light it outputs is very good, and for videos 120 degrees is best for my gopro hero 3+ BE. I will recommend this light and this site with good discount to all.

VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light

Big Blue AL900NP L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue AL900NP L.E.D. Light Reviews

Reviewer: Rob D. on 2/23/2014

Big Blue AL900NP L.E.D. Torch - I am living in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific and dive every weekend, often on WW2 wrecks. The torch is brilliant. Its light, compact and very robust. Its illumination if perfect for the wreck penetrations we do. They are often totally void of natural light and heavily damaged due to them being sunk in combat. The Big Blue torch is much brighter and burns longer than previous torches. Only drawback is you only get 1 1/2 dives from the battery pack. An all round great torch.

AL900NP L.E.D. Light

Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Light Reviews

Reviewer: eric w. on 12/19/2012

Dive Light - This dive light is a great investment towards building my dive gear. It is bright, the adjustable beam lets you go from narrow intense beam to large diameter covering more area while not loosing light quality, its easy to manage and provides mobility especially while attached to its glove. Its rugged with good quality material and should last a long time. I have used it on two dives while in Belize, on a night reef dive and The Blue Hole, and couple of pool dives while. Those who I was diving were impressed with quality of light source and glove feature. A friend of mine borrowed one while on Maui dive trip and told me it work great. Im happy with my purchase and purchased two, great... View Full Review

CF-250 L.E.D. Light

Big Blue AL350W L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue AL350W L.E.D. Light Reviews

Reviewer: Jeromie H. on 4/14/2014

great small light - This was a great light to use in a low vis river. I used it on three dives in addition to my other two helmet lights. It comes with a ring to secure it to the glove, unfortunately I did not attach it. On the fourth dive in a fast current and 5 inches of vis I bumped it against the wall and it came out out its neoprene sleeve on the glove and disappeared down the Cooper River in D.C.. it worked great while it lasted.

AL350W L.E.D. Light

Big Blue CF900P L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue CF900P L.E.D. Light Reviews

Reviewer: Charles K. on 7/9/2014

Big Blue CF900P L.E.D. Light Review - $199.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Multiple features in a small but powerful light. Outstanding product!

CF900P L.E.D. Light

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