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Big Blue Quattro XL L.E.D. Light Reviews
Quattro XL L.E.D. Light
Excellent Light - This is an excellent light. At 1000 lumens it really outshines anything of lower brightness. When I first got it, I thought it would be too big and heavy to be easily used but once I got it connected and tried out it is very comfortable. I hooked it to a "snappy" just in case. It fit into my BC zippered pocket easily for ascent and decent then I could remove it underwater for use. I didnt...

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Big Blue VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light Reviews
VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light
Very good light - I spent weeks of searching for best very high lumens underwater light for good price. I watched underwater videos took with Sola 1200, and I watched some reviews with other 2500 lumes video lights. This one with discount price of 260 US$ is the best, I thought as this is Hong Kong product that it will be low end materials and quality but when I got this robust quality video light at first sight...

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Big Blue Light Glove Mount Reviews
Light Glove Mount
Big Blue Light Glove Mount Review - $19.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This is an excellent glove for mounting a light to your hand. It works very well and can be mounted on either hand, can be donned / doffed without help, and works equally well on bare hands, 1/4" wetsuit gloved hands, and drysuits with ringed dry gloves. It has not fallen off once even when climbing small boat ladders in rough conditions. It also works with an A-Torch CL05 light.
Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Light Reviews
CF-250 L.E.D. Light
Dive Light - This dive light is a great investment towards building my dive gear. It is bright, the adjustable beam lets you go from narrow intense beam to large diameter covering more area while not loosing light quality, its easy to manage and provides mobility especially while attached to its glove. Its rugged with good quality material and should last a long time. I have used it on two dives while in...

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Big Blue AL900NP L.E.D. Light Reviews
AL900NP L.E.D. Light
Big Blue AL900NP L.E.D. Torch - I am living in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific and dive every weekend, often on WW2 wrecks. The torch is brilliant. Its light, compact and very robust. Its illumination if perfect for the wreck penetrations we do. They are often totally void of natural light and heavily damaged due to them being sunk in combat. The Big Blue torch is much brighter and burns longer than previous torches. ...

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Big Blue AL350W L.E.D. Light Reviews
AL350W L.E.D. Light
great small light - This was a great light to use in a low vis river. I used it on three dives in addition to my other two helmet lights. It comes with a ring to secure it to the glove, unfortunately I did not attach it. On the fourth dive in a fast current and 5 inches of vis I bumped it against the wall and it came out out its neoprene sleeve on the glove and disappeared down the Cooper River in D.C.. it worked...

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Big Blue AL900WP 900 Lumen Wide Angle Dive Light Reviews
AL900WP 900 Lumen Wide Angle Dive Light
Big Blue AL900WP 900 Lumen Wide Angle Dive Light Review - $159.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Small, rechargable, good angle and easy to use. Get a couple of extra batteries and your good for all day.
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