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At Akona, we understand and share your passion for life and for adventure. We too believe in being bold in grasping our destiny. We are dedicated to worrying about the little things. That is why it is our mission to product dive accessories you can rely and depend upon. Accessories that will enhance your adventures, not get in the way.


Why let little things gen in the way of life´s grand adventures? See less  

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Featured Products by Akona

Akona 3.5mm ArmorTex Diving Gloves
Akona 3.5mm ArmorTex Diving Gloves
Akona 3.5mm Deluxe Heavy Duty Molded Sole Low Top Dive Boots
Akona 3.5mm Deluxe Heavy Duty Molded Sole Low Top Dive Boots
Akona 5/3mm Quantum Stretch Diving Hood
Akona 5/3mm Quantum Stretch Diving Hood

Akona Scuba Gear Reviews

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Akona 2mm Low Top Dive Socks Reviews

Akona 2mm Low Top Dive Socks Reviews

Reviewer: William K. on 5/1/2014

Akona 2mm Low Top Dive Socks - I bought a pair of these socks and loved them. They were true to size and very soft and comfortable. Then I lost one my first day out and missed it terribly. I purchased them for use when snorkeling. I snorkel for long periods of time and these make the fins feel like your house slippers. When I ordered a new pair, I ordered an extra. They ended up on back order and I waited for a while and then I decided to call. Scuba said they could cancel the order or replace them with the next sock up at no added cost, which was the XS Scuba brand. Read the reviews and all said order a size or 2 down. Not knowing which to do, ordered 2 pair, 1 and 2 sizes down. I was "sent" 2 and 3 sizes... View Full Review

2mm Low Top Dive Socks

Akona Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

Akona Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

Reviewer: Jody S. on 9/9/2007

Akona Roller Backpack - i read all the reviews on and in all the magazines i could find before making this purchase. they were all helpful. this bag has just about everything – lots of space – the pockets are spacious and well placed. i’m not sure why there is the bottle and pocket on the front – i agree we should all stay hydrated, but i think removing the bottle and enlarging the existing pocket is more practical. i went to key largo from ca for a week of diving – more than enough room for everything. one review i read said to watch out for all the space – in being tempted to fill it, you could be in serious jeopardy of exceeding airline weight limits – i found this to be true also. the wheels are... View Full Review

Roller Backpack Bag

Akona Mesh Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

Akona Mesh Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

Reviewer: Ralph B. on 12/12/2012

Akona Mesh Roller Backpack - I have 2 Akona Roller Mesh Backpack that I purchase from Scuba. com, One for my wife and one for me. First of all, the the service was great, I received the bags in a couple of days after placing the order with Scuba. Com. I own the Akona Mesh bag without wheels, all thought it too is an excellent bag, We were in Key West this summer, and had to walk at least 1/2 mile back to the hotel. The dive equipment was wet coming back form the trip and it was very heavy on my back!! Also, I had to carried my wifes equipment as well. The tempature around 90 degrees. "Tough work-out". My wife and myself went diving last week, use the Akona Roller Mesh Backpack, and pull the equipment back to the... View Full Review

Mesh Roller Backpack Bag

Akona 1mm Wetsuit Reviews

Akona 1mm Wetsuit Reviews

Reviewer: gerald h. on 1/15/2014

Love it. - I own two Akona 1mm and wear them in the Florida Keys and other warm water locales. It offers the perfect amount of coverage and protection. I prefer it to a shorty. The neoprene in this suit has very little odor. I am very sensitive to smells and a strong neoprene odor will give me a headache. I dont experience that with this wetsuit. It stretches and gives so much that you almost forget youre wearing it. I love it. Highly recommend.

1mm Wetsuit

Akona Mini Retractor Reviews

Akona Mini Retractor Reviews

Reviewer: Kurt K. on 3/25/2014

Strong and Sturdy - I bought this as a replacement to the very same model. Ive had the original one for about 150 dives. It’s attached to my pressure gauge consol. It’s attached to my BC on the inside of a pocket and the cord runs out though a brass grommet. I had to retire the original because the cord got frayed over time. The cord was so tough it actually cut clean through the metal grommet before noticed it. Very impressive!

Mini Retractor

Akona Deluxe Mesh Backpack Bag Reviews

Akona Deluxe Mesh Backpack Bag Reviews

Reviewer: Mark W. on 10/30/2009

Nice, roomy dive bag - I purchased 3 of these for each diver in our group for a recent trip to Maui. These bags are great! The opening of this bag is large enough that you can easily slip your BC into it with no effort, and there is plenty of room to store my dive gear (3mm wet suit, regulator, fins, mask, snorkel, booties), in addition to my underwater camera, towel and a water bottle. The side pouch is large enough to store all of my dive tools and spare parts. Its very rugged, and it has nice padded shoulder pads for packing all of this stuff from our car (which was usually several blocks away) to the boat. I really like this bag!

Deluxe Mesh Backpack Bag

Akona 3.5mm Deluxe Diving Gloves Reviews

Akona 3.5mm Deluxe Diving Gloves Reviews

Reviewer: Gary Krauss on 8/5/2014

Akona 3.5mm Deluxe Diving Gloves Review - $25.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I wore these with my tri-lam drysuit in the waters off New Jersey. Contemplated cutting off the wrist straps, while a little more work to don, they create a nice fit. The gloves kept my hands warm while spearfishing, yet were flexible enough to give me the dexterity I needed on a wreck.

3.5mm Deluxe Diving Gloves

Akona Collapsing Duffel Bag with Protective Regulator Bag Reviews

Akona Collapsing Duffel Bag with Protective Regulator Bag Reviews

Reviewer: Albert T. on 1/20/2014

Great Concept, Shoddy Workmanship - Received this bag as a gift and was really excited to use it. On the 5th day of using it several of the zipper teeth fell out and the stitching came undone. For what could be a 5-star product, I am giving it 2 stars. One star for the design and one star for and Akona being willing to repair/replace at no cost. My location does not lend itself to a quick, inexpensive exchange so I am going to repair the bag myself and chalk it up to experience.

Collapsing Duffel Bag with Protective Regulator Bag

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Reviews

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Reviews

Reviewer: Scott Michael on 12/6/2008

Best weight bag Ive ever seen or used - Its strong with straps that support the bottom of the bag and not just the sides. There are large brass grommets to drain water from the bag. Its large enough to carry weight for a number of people. When our dive club goes out for Open Water training, two bags are enough for 6 divers in fresh water. Tyhe handles are comfortable even when the bag is heavy. A couple of our instructors have used their bags for years and except for a little fading due to sun exposure, the bags are no worse for wear.

Weight Carry Bag.

Akona 6.5mm  Quantum Stretch Hooded Dive Vest Reviews

Akona 6.5mm Quantum Stretch Hooded Dive Vest Reviews

Reviewer: Shannon O. on 11/21/2013

So Small! - I cant speak to the effectiveness of this product as I couldnt even get it over my head. I followed the recommended size chart, but this item was so tiny that despite repeated attempts, I could not get it on. I am disppointed because it looks to be of good quality. I elected not to size up as the body seemed appropriately sized but the head opening/neck was tiny. I didnt feel like the fit would work even with a size change. I am 5 ft 1 in and 112 lbs and ordered the small.

6.5mm  Quantum Stretch Hooded Dive Vest

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