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Scuba Diving Travel Reports offers detailed first-hand scuba diving travel reports from all over the world. Click the links below for more information on the diving in each of the areas. These travel reports discuss everything from the dive sites to things to see when you're not diving and much more. Also be sure to see our Travel Specials page for deals at diving resorts all around the world.

St. Lucia’s exclusive Anse Chastanet Resort

At the heart of St Lucia’s very best diving is the Anse Chastanet resort. The entire region is surrounded by a marine reserve (SMMA) which was established in 1995. This location offers unbelievable beach and boat diving for the traveling diver. St. Lucia's trademark green peaks, make a dramatic back drop for this 600 acre resort.

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Bunaken Indonesia Travel Report

Bunaken, Indonesia

“Muka,” a +2600-foot wall off of the northern tip of Sulawesi, has almost all you could hope for in a dive—from the very tiny to the substantial, from the flora to the fauna. What’s more, Muka’s extraordinary beauty will likely be around for a long time, unlike other tropical dive spots that are threatened by underwater blasting, cyanide fishing and mangrove cutting.

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tortola bvi travel report

Tortola, BVI

Tortola is a small Carribean island located 60 miles east of Puerto Rico.  This island hosts the capitol of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), a territory of Britain, and is one of 50 small islands in the area most of which aren’t inhabited.  It is a relaxing and informal island where vacationers are very welcomed by the locals, who are known as “belongers.

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galapagos islands travel report

Galapagos Islands

I have been diving since the late sixties, and the one thing that has keep me diving is the inherent sense of adventure and the lure of the unknown that it provides. No matter how many times I dive the same place, I never know what I might see or what adventure I might have. There is also the commerodary among divers. Some of my best friends are students of mine.

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bonaire travel report


Warm tropical waters, hundreds of species of fish, pristine corals; its no wonder that Bonaire is known as a diving paradise. Located 50 miles north of Venezuela in the Caribbean, Bonaire is part of the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). Most of Bonaire’s western coast line is flat and protected with easy access to the water, which makes it easy to find a spot.

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