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Total Entries: 71

Who scored the most points in a single NBA game?
Who is the all time home run leader in MLB?
Which player in NHL is thee all time leader in goals?
In FIFA World Cup, what team has the most championships?
Who has the most career wins on the PGA Tour?
Which MLB team has scored the most runs (18) in a single inning?
Who holds the NFL record for most all time Touchdown?
Which player holds the most triple doubles in NBA history?
How many championships have the New York Yankees won?
Which NFL team has the most Super Bowl Championships?
Who holds the record for most passing yards in one game (NFL)?
Which player currently has won the most Grand Slam Titles in Tennis?
Who has won the most PBA Championships in Bowling?
In what Year did the Boston Celtics win their 17th NBA Championship?
What school has the most NCAA football championships?