Personal gear packages are the basics needed to get started in your scuba diving classes and sometimes the only items a diver will take on a vacation when space or baggage weight is critical. See more  

Personal Gear Packages

Personal Gear Packages are not only the basic required equipment to get started learning to scuba dive, but are pieces of scuba equipment that are just that; Personal. Maybe you have a scuba mask with optical lenses in it. Perhaps you don’t want a snorkel in your mouth that has been in somebody else’s. No matter your reason, one of the most essential keys to enjoying scuba is comfort. Finding personal gear that is comfortable is the first step to enjoying scuba diving.

Warm Water Packages
Warm Water Packages

If you're going to be doing all of your diving in warm tropical waters or in water temperatures warmer than 75 degrees faranheit/24 Celsius the Warm Water Personal Gear Package is for you. These packages combine a superior quality scuba diving mask with snorkels designed for comfort as well as performance. The fins in a Warm Water Personal Gear Package are frequently lighter weight as they don’t have to propel a scuba diver wearing an excess amount of equipment needed for cooler climates through the water. Warm water packages can use full foot fins designed to be worn barefoot or with a thin sock or light weight open heel fins with a warm water bootie.

Cold Water Packages
Cold Water Packages

Warm water diving might offer bright colorful aquatic experience, but Cold Water Diving offers the scuba diver far more, much more diverse and over all larger marine life to experience. With all the additional equipment a scuba diver uses in colder climates, fit and comfort become essential in order to offer the diver the best possible experience underwater. The scuba mask offers designs giving the best possible visibility and snorkels are designed for comfortable use in all surface conditions. The fins in Cold Water Packages are heavier in construction, using an open heel or strap design and are manufactured to give the scuba diver superior performance in all water conditions. Boots and gloves are essential in this package to offer the scuba diver the utmost in comfort and warmth. See less  

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