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The following RSS feed link is an easy way to keep track of the latest news and resources posted to the Blog.

  • Complete RSS Feed - All content, including scuba gear news, reviews, specials, announcements, resources, games, contests, discussion board topics, photos, ecards, dive travel deals, instructor and customer webpages, customer webpage comments and diving events.

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What is RSS?

Websites and blogs use Really Simple Syndication to send you updated headlines with article summaries and links to the full text. It's a fast and easy way to keep track of your favorite web content—like the latest scuba diving information from—without wasting time surfing, refreshing, bookmarking, etc. Essentially, RSS does that work for you, saving you valuable time.

How do I use RSS?

First, you'll need an RSS reader. Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox have RSS readers built-in. Or, you can download a free program like FeedReader, and install it to your computer. Others, like Google Reader, My Yahoo, and Bloglines are web-based so you don't need to download anything. The readers manage your RSS feeds, keeping all the web content that interests you in one place.

Does this cost anything?

We provide the content free of charge. Most readers are free as well.

What does offer through RSS?

RSS puts you in control of your experience. We'll keep you updated about upcoming scuba diving events, and other resources automatically.

How do I get RSS feeds from

Refer to your specific reader's instructions on how to do this, but essentially you will copy and paste the RSS link into your reader's address bar. Here is the link:

How often are's RSS feeds updated?

The feed is updated as soon as new content is available, insuring you stay current with our scuba-related content.

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