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Certification Age
The minimum age for Open Water scuba certification should be:
10 years or younger
11 - 12
13 - 14
15 +

Current Results
Should there be a periodic certification renewal process for divers?
Not for active divers
Don't know

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U/W Photography
Do you regularly take underwater photos or video?
Yes, using a disposable camera
Yes, using a film camera
Yes, using an digital camera

Current Results
Solo Diving
What is your opinion of solo diving?
Fine, let divers make their own choices
Bad idea, could lead to more diving accidents
Good idea, but it should require a specialized certification

Current Results
Certification Agency
What is your certification agency of choice?

Current Results
Diver's Poll
What are you most passionate about seeing while diving?
Soft coral
Pelagics (big fish)

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Valuable Additions
The most valuable addition you could make to the site would be...
Photo Contest
Dive Travel
Web Games
Classified Ads
Gear Auctions
Gear use training streaming video

Current Results
Dive Location
Where is the best place to dive?
Cayman Islands

Current Results
When it comes to choosing your fins for a dive, what is the most important feature you are loooking for?

Current Results
Air vs. Nitrox
Which gas do you dive with?

Current Results
Online SCUBA Gear
How do you feel about buying SCUBA gear online?
I´m all for it
Give me a Dive Shop any day

Current Results
Drive to Dive
How far would you drive to go SCUBA diving?
under 50 miles
50 - 200 miles
200 - 500 miles
Are you kidding? I FLY

Current Results
Most Important President
Who was the most important president?
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington

Current Results
Love at First Sight
Do you believe in love at first sight?

Current Results
New features for the Diver Webpages
We want your feedback about which new features you would most want added to the Diver Webpages. Please let us know so we can make this online diving community better for you.
Ability to rate and comment on photos other divers have uploaded
Ability to customize your webpage colors and design
Advanced search to more easily find buddies based on location, gender,
Ability to see who has voted for your webpage
A new section to show off your dive gear - "What is in my dive bag"

Current Results
What type of product demonstration videos would you most like to see?
Buoyancy Compensators (BCs)
Underwater Cameras
Fit-Intensive Products (wetsuits, gloves, booties, hoods, clothing)
Scuba Regulators
Dive Computers

Current Results
What other types of scuba videos would you like to see?
Gear use tips
Best practices for diving conditions (beach diving, boat diving, etc)
Differences between diving in warm water (75-85 °F), temperate water (60-75 °F), and cold water (45-60 °F)

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