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For underwater explorers, the most reliable diver propulsion vehicle just got better with the next generation TUSA SAV-7 EVO3. This new underwater vehicle features an innovative and patented hands-free riding...
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For underwater explorers, the most reliable diver propulsion vehicle just got better with the next generation TUSA SAV-7 EVO3. This new underwater vehicle features an innovative and patented hands-free riding saddle, quick and smooth-responding variable speed control, and a high performance and long-lasting lithium-ion battery with an L.E.D battery life indicator. The SAV-7EVO3 has been updated with an improved energy compliant small battery charger. All other specifications remain the same. With the newly designed rotational speed adjustment function and hands-free riding style, the TUSA SAV-7 EVO3 decreases fatigue, reduces air consumption, and allows a diver to go further and faster in a variety of conditions while extending their time in underwater. The upgraded variable speed control is at your fingertips for a greater diving experience while giving you complete control of speed. Transportation options like the fold-out wings on both sides of the saddle allows additional divers to tag along.

Free your hands with the TUSA SAV-7 EVO3 Scooter.
The SAV-7 EVO3 is TUSA's latest underwater vehicle. Improving upon the highly popular SAV-7 EVO, the EVO3 has several upgrades that make it the scooter to dive.

Progressive acceleration system:
The EVO3's newly design rotational speed adjustment function allows for precise changes to your speed while in motion. This easily activated speed adjustment results in smooth effortless riding and allow for easy synchronization of speed between divers in a variety of geographical areas and varied current conditions.

L.E.D. Battery Indicator:
When the main power switch is turned on, the L.E.D. battery life indicator lights up providing the diver with a guide to remaining battery life.

3 Speed Propeller:
Additionally, it's possible to easily vary the propeller's angle or pitch by 3 positions, which allows for even more fine-tuning of the scooter's speed to the individual diver's needs.

Saddle Wings:
By using the wings it's now possible to pull 2 more divers with the EVO3 scooter. The diver's different physiques when holding onto the wings have virtually no effect to the scooter's performance. The speed and distance with 3 men diving are almost the same as using the scooter solo without a saddle.

The EVO3 scooter ha 10% more torque than its predecessor the SAV-7, increased usage of 80-muintes run time on the 27Ah (DC25.2V) lithium-ion battery. The EVO scooter has a range of 5.9 miles (9,400m) and a maximum speed of up to 2.8 mph (4.5 kph). The scooter is neutrally buoyant with a depth rating of 230' (70m). The scooter measures (L x W), 28.4" x 13.4" (720mm x 340mm), weighs 45 lbs. (20.4 kg) on land and 17.6 oz. (500 g) underwater. Scooter has a durable ABS resin plastic body, 24V brushless motor, ring epicyclical gear speed reducer. Equipped with multiple safety devices of sensation current shut-down device, water leakage sensor, and water-cooling motor deployment. The included charger has an input voltage rating of AC100 - 240V 50 - 60Hz and output of DC29.4V 5A. The scooter comes with a comprehensive owner's manual of instruction for use and maintenance.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


  • TUSA's Latest Underwater Vehicle
  • Progressive Acceleration System:
    Rotational Speed Adjustment Function
    Allows Precise Changes to Speed
    Easily Activated Speed Adjustment½:
  • Smooth Effortless Riding
    Easy Synchronization of Speed between Divers
    Great for Variety of Geographical Areas & Varied Current Conditions
  • L.E.D. Battery Indicator
  • 3 Speed Propeller: Easily Vary Propeller's Angle or Pitch
  • Saddle Wings: Pull 2-More Divers w/EVO3 Scooter
  • 10% More Torque than Predecessor SAV-7
  • 80-Muintes Run Time on 27Ah (DC25.2V) Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Increased Cruising Range: 5.9 miles (9,400m)
  • Maximum Speed Up to 2.8 mph (4.5 kph)
  • Dimensions: (L x W), 28.4 x 13.4 (720mm x 340mm)
  • Weight (on land): 45 lbs. (20.4 kg)
  • Submerged Weight: 1.1 lbs. (500 g)
  • Buoyancy: 17.6 oz. (500 g) Negative
  • Depth Rating: 230' (70m)
  • Durable ABS Resin Plastic Body
  • Includes Battery & Charger
  • Charger Voltage:
    Input: AC100 - 240V 50 - 60Hz
    Output: DC29.4V 5A
  • Comprehensive Owner's Manual of Instruction
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What's in the Box

• Tuas SAV-7 EVO3 Scooter - Battery Charger - Owner's Manual


Battery 27Ah (DC25.2V) Lithium-Ion Battery
Run Time 80-Muintes
Speed Up to 2.8 mph (4.5 kph)
Gears Variable Throttle & Prop Pitch
Depth Rating 230' (70m)
Dimensions (L x W), 28.3 x 13.4 (720mm x 340mm)
Weight On Land: 45 lbs. (20.4 kg)
Buoyancy 17.6 oz. (500 g) Negative
Cruising Range 5.9 miles (9,400m)
Material ABS Resin Plastic Body
Charger Input Voltage AC100 - 240V 50 - 60Hz
Charger Output Voltage DC29.4V 5A

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