Togo Power Pioneer 330, 288WH Portable Power Station Lithium Battery 330W (660W Peak) for Hiking, Camping, Home Emergency, Tailgating, Hobbyist, Offsite Work Locations

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Freedom To Create Anywhere, Explore Everywhere & Stay Connected Everytime.The Togo Pioneer 330 Portable Power station is perfect for those looking for the freedom to work or play away from...
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Key Features

Flashlight with SOS mode
LED handle light
LCD display showing battery status
10watt wireless charger

Product Overview

Freedom To Create Anywhere, Explore Everywhere & Stay Connected Everytime.
The Togo Pioneer 330 Portable Power station is perfect for those looking for the freedom to work or play away from their home or office. The lithium-ion battery technology provides 288WH of power that will meet all your needs. The wide array of output ports lets you charge or operate eight devices at once. It even has a wireless charger pad, so you don't have to worry if you forget your charging cable! Whether you are out in nature or right in your backyard the Pioneer 330 makes it all possible. It is great to bring camping, tailgating, and boating.

You can use it on a jobsite, to power your CPAP equipment when away from power outlets and most of all, it is ideal during power outages. No matter where you are, you'll be able to quickly charge and power a wide variety of electronics, small to medium appliances, and everyday devices such as phones and laptops. The Togo Pioneer 330 delivers reliable solutions using sustainable power and the latest technologies including: quick-charging USB, a MPPT controller for efficient solar charging, pure sine wave for clean AC outputs, and a complete Battery Management System that ensures safe operation against overload, overcharge, overcurrent and several other possible threats. It gives you the freedom to create anywhere, to explore everywhere, and to stay connected anytime.

So Many Outputs For So Many Uses.
The Pioneer 330 stands out for its multiple outputs, and many uses for people on the go. Rapidly charge laptops, tablets, cameras, phones and many portable appliances with 3 Quick Charge 3.0 USB ports. 1 pure sine wave AC outputs deliver clean power to your most sensitive products. Power any Type- C Apple devices with a USB-PD 60W outlet. It also comes with an additional 10W wireless charger pad that allows you to quickly charge your mobile device without the hassle or worry of cords. For those who love the outdoors you can use the 12volt car port output and 2 DC outputs for accessories needed for your camping and outdoor trips.

For Outdoor Fun.
Whether you're hiking, camping, having a backyard barbecue or tailgating, the 8 ports on the Pioneer 330 will come in handy for all your charging and electricity needs. Many devices can be operated for several hours including cooking equipment, lights, music speakers and devices such as phones, TV's, monitors and even projectors for family movie nights. Outlet covers are provided for extra protection when not in use. With temperature control and a lightweight rugged construction, the Pioneer 330 is durable, safe, and easy to carry.

In Case Of Emergency.
The Pioneer 330's clean and silent power comes in handy for many emergency situations like power outages and emergency rescue. It easily fits in a trunk, making it ideal if an individual needs on-site medical attention. For power outages, it can silently power indoor needs such as lights, electronic devices, fans, space heaters and more. A built-in handle light provides extra light in the dark and a built-in flashlight with SOS mode can help alert others in an emergency. The Pioneer 330 also supports those who need at home personal medical care or hospital equipment power supply such as a CPAP machine.

For The Remote-Control Hobbyist & Pro.
Enjoy the independence that portable power promises. Easily charge batteries for drones, remote-control cars, and RC airplanes. You can charge on-site eliminating the need to charge in the car and allowing you to fly in more areas. Keep a swap module ready for action. Go places off the grid with confidence the fun can go on as long you want.

Off The Grid Worksite.
On-location and outdoor photographers and videographers can easily charge essential equipment for a stress-free shoot. The USB ports can charge laptops, monitors and batteries for lights, camera's and more. The DC outputs including car port can support many outdoor devices. For videographers, AC power outlets can power LED and COB LED lights under 288WH.

Easy To Charge, Easy To Use.
Unlike gas generators, the Pioneer 330 quietly runs on lithium-ion batteries making it pollution, noise and hassle free. The Pioneer 330 can be charged in 3 easy ways, through an AC wall charger, by solar panel or by a car charger. Wherever you are or what the situation is, a full charge is always available. Weighing 9.24 pounds, it is easy to bring on the go, fit in a trunk, store in the house and grab quickly when needed.

• Charge By Car
• Charge By Solar
• Charge By AC

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.


  • LED handle light
  • LCD display showing battery status
  • 10watt wireless charger
  • 3 Fast charging QC 3.0 USB
  • USB-PD 60W Type C output
  • Protective output covers
  • 2 pure sine wave AC outlets
  • 3 ways to charge, AC, car, and solar panel
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Key Features

• Flashlight with SOS mode
• LED handle light
• LCD display showing battery status
• 10watt wireless charger

What's in the Box

• Pioneer 330 Portable Power Station - AC Charger - AC Power Cord - 12V Car Adapter - 18V MC4 Cable (for Connecting Solar Panel) - Instruction Manual - MFG 1 Year Limited Warranty


Capacity 288Wh (22.2V, 13Ah)
Shelf Life 1 year (after fully charged)
Cycle Life >= 500 Cycles (85%+)
Management Systems BMS, Overcharging Protection, Short Circuit Protection
Voltage Control Over Voltage/Under Voltage, Temp Control Low/High
Overload Protection
Low Battery Alarm
Testing and certification FCC, UN38.3, MSDS, CE, PSE, QI, RoHS
Battery Info Required, included
Battery Material Lithium-ion
Battery Quantity 1
Battery Type -
Charge Method AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adapter, Solar Panel
Full Recharge Time 4-5 hours (AC)
6-7 hours (12V Car Adapter)
3-4 hours (using 120W Solar Panel)
Color Black/Orange
Wireless Charger (x1) 10W
LED Light 0.5W
Flashlight 1W
Applications Home Backup, Off-Grid Life, CE products below 330W
Charge Temperature 32 Degree F to +104 Degree F (0 Degree C to +40 Degree C)
Discharge Temperature 14 Degree F to +104 Degree F (-10 Degree C to +40 Degree C)
AC Charge Input Voltage 110V-120Vac (50Hz/60Hz)
Solar Charge Input 80W 16-22V
Car Charger 12-28V, 60W Max
AC Output(x1) Rated 330W, Surge 660W, (120V ac (50Hz/60Hz)
USB 3.0 Quick Charge (x3) 5V/9V/12/V, up to 3A, Total 54W Max
USB-C PD Output (x1) 5V/9V/12/V/15V/20V, up to 3A, 60W Max
Car Power Output (x1) Cigarette Lighter Port 12V/10A
DC5525 Output (x2) DC 5525, 12V/10A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 9.0 x 6.61 x 7.00 (23.0 x 16.8 x 17.8cm)
Weight 8.6 lbs ( 3.9kg )

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