Serengeti Carrara Sunglasses

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Serengeti Carrara Sunglasses are a contemporary pilot shape that works well for both men and women, offering an ultimate comfort thanks to its hidden double flex spring hinge. An ultimate...
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Key Features

Contemporary Pilot Shape
Works Well for Men and Women
Base 6 Lens Curve
Temple Length: 5.3 (135mm)
Medium Fit

Product Overview

Serengeti Carrara Sunglasses are a contemporary pilot shape that works well for both men and women, offering an ultimate comfort thanks to its hidden double flex spring hinge. An ultimate classic. The Carrara Sunglasses have a base 6 lens curve, a temple length of 5.3" (135mm), lens size is 2.3" x 2" x 2.64" (59mm x 52mm x 67mm) with a distance between lens dimension of 0.5" (13mm). Sunglasses are designed for a medium fit. Frame is made from corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic alloy, to assure a durable pair of sunglasses while being highly comfortable, designed and light. Metal, and especially Monel and Nickel, is featured in the Metal Series.

On select models, the nose pads can be adjusted for a comfortable fit on the nose while adjustable temple tips allow for a snug fit behind the ears. Megol nose pads and temple tips absorb moisture, keeping frames securely in place. Silicone nose pads can be adjustable for a comfortable fit. Lighter thinner better than the rest. A full 20% thinner and lighter, Serengeti Borosilicate mineral glass lenses are finer than any other lens. Produced in the same process normally reserved for ophthalmic-quality corrective lenses, they also provide the best visual optics in the industry.

The Serengeti Carrara Sunglasses are available in two frame finishes and lenses. Carrara Shiny Bold Gold Mineral Polarized Drivers have ultra-light mineral lens design. This lens has all the benefits of Serengeti's signature drivers' lens, along with a stylish gold-flash mirror. The amber-colored Drivers Gold mirrored lens provides an additional layer of protection, amplifying contrast and definition to reveal vibrant colors in all environments. Lenses are for very bright light conditions. Ideal for driving and everyday use. Light transmission for lens is as follows: 16% transmittance lightened lens, 10% transmittance darkened lens, 93% blue light blocked lightened lens and 96% blue light blocked darkened lens.

As a beautiful variation of the 555nm, the 555nm Blue features a reflective blue dielectric mirror coating, which offers a category 2 to 3 555nm lens protection that reflects more glare and improves contrast. Overcast to medium light conditions. Ideal for everyday use. Available in polarized ultra-light mineral lenses. Light transmission for lens is as follows: 25% transmittance lightened lens, 16% transmittance darkened lens, 89% blue light blocked lightened lens and 93% blue light blocked darkened lens.

Serengeti Spectral Control technology removes wavelengths to give better saturation of what we need to see. Much like an audio equalizer filters sound frequency, our lens fine-tunes and filters shortwave blue light, allowing more red, green, and yellow to pass through. Landscapes that would be washed out, dull, or flat with other lenses become defined, vibrant, and vivid. Traffic signs and signals appear more distinguishable f while your eyes remain cool and relaxed. Serengeti Spectral Control technology excels at diminishing atmospheric haze, filtering up to 96% of blue light to reduce blue blur and visible noise, while enhancing contrast and sharpness. Lenses selectively manage light wavelengths, distinguishing reds, greens, and yellows, in any light condition. Providing improved depth perception and maximum color contrast. While some blue light (blue turquoise) regulates Serengeti biological clock, retina-harming blue-violet light is a risk factor for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). By filtering it out, Serengeti Spectral Control technology helps preserve your sight perfectly.

A headache from glare can ruin your day. With Serengeti Polarization technology, it becomes a thing of the past. When glare reflects off the road, water, snow or flat areas, parallel light rays can pass through unhindered, while distracting perpendicular light is reflected. This allows you to discover more clarity, while living free from glare and eye fatigue. When glare strikes, embedded Serengeti Polarization technology acts like a Venetian blind. While parallel light rays enter each lens, distracting perpendicular rays are reflected. Serengeti polarized lenses relieve eye fatigue and impeded vision by eliminating disruptive glare from: vehicle headlights, intense lights, shiny surface reflections and the everyday outdoors. This polarization technology allows you to experience absolute clarity, while discovering layer upon layer of details that glare would have otherwise kept hidden.

All Serengeti lenses offer the latest in photochromic technology, which constantly lightens and darkens throughout the day to ensure you see every detail. As the pioneer of photochromic technology Serengeti leads the industry in creating lenses that adapt to any light condition in any setting. Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions, photochromic technology allows your eyes to adapt to any light, in any weather. The result is a view of the world so crystal clear; you'll notice natural beauty you've never seen before. Serengeti photochromic lenses are activated by the amount of UV radiation in the atmosphere and engineered to transition from light to dark, gradually. Keeping your eyes and mind relaxed and focused on the road ahead. Energy from UV radiation causes the polarity of the silver salt lens molecules to expand in brighter conditions, creating a denser lens that absorbs more light. In darker conditions, the molecules compress and separate to allow in more light. Photochromic lenses optimize for the environment, providing your eyes with the exact amount of light needed at any time f enabling your eyes to discern shapes and colors more quickly while eliminating eyestrain. Sunglasses come with a protective case for transport and storage.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.


  • Contemporary Pilot Shape: Works Well for Men and Women
  • Ultimate Comfort Thanks to Its Hidden Double Flex Spring Hinge
  • An Ultimate Classic
  • Base 6 Lens Curve
  • Temple Length: 5.3 (135mm)
  • Lens Size: 2.3 x 2 x 2.64 (59mm x 52mm x 67mm)
  • Distance Between Lens (DBL): 0.5 (13mm)
  • Medium Fit
  • Frame:
    Corrosion-Resistant & Hypoallergenic Alloy
    Assure Durable Pair of Sunglasses
    Highly Comfortable, Designed & Light
    Monel & Nickel, Featured In-Metal-Series
  • Adjustable Nose Pads for Comfortable Fit On-the-Nose
  • Megol Nose Pads and Temple Tips Absorb Moisture, Keeps Frames Securely in Place
  • Adjustable Temple Tips Allow Snug Fit Behind Ears
  • Lighter Thinner Better-Than-the-Rest:Borosilicate Mineral Glass Lenses
    Full 20% Thinner & Lighter
    Finer Than-Any-Other-Lens
    Same Process Reserved for Ophthalmic-Quality Corrective Lenses
    Best Visual Optics In-Industry
  • High-or-Low-Glare Environment: You Deserve Lenses Giving Ultimate Glare Protection
  • Uncompromised Clarity
  • Shiny Bold Gold Mineral Polarized Drivers:
    Stylish Gold-Flash Mirror
    Amber-Colored Mirrored Lens Provides Additional Layer of Protection
    Amplifying Contrast & Definition
    Reveal Vibrant Colors In-All-Environments
    For Very Bright Light Conditions
    Ideal for Driving & Everyday Use
  • Light Transmission:
    16%Transmittance Lightened Lens
    10% Transmittance Darkened Lens
    93% Blue Light Blocked Lightened Lens
    96% Blue Light Blocked Darkened Lens
  • Shiny Silver/Mineral Polarized 555nm Blue:
    Reflective Blue Dielectric Mirror Coating
    Offers Category 2 to 3 555nm Lens Protection
    Reflects More Glare & Improves Contrast
    Overcast to Medium Light Conditions
    Ideal for Everyday Use
  • Light Transmission:
    25% Transmittance Lightened Lens
    16% Transmittance Darkened Lens
    89% Blue Light Blocked Lightened Lens
    93% Blue Light Blocked Darkened Lens
  • Serengeti:
    Pioneer of Photochromic Technology
    Creating Lenses that Adapt to Any Light Condition in Any Setting
    Darkening in Bright Sunlight and Lightening in Overcast Conditions
    Allows Eyes to Adapt to Any Light, In Any Weather
    View World Crystal Clear, Notice Natural Beauty Never Seen Before
  • Photochromic Technology:
    Activated by UV Radiation in Atmosphere
    Engineered to Transition from Light to Dark, Gradually
    Keeps Eyes & Mind Relaxed & Focused On Road Ahead
  • How It Works:
    Energy from UV Radiation Causes Polarity of Silver Salt Lens Molecules to Expand in Brighter Conditions
    Creates Denser Lens Absorbing More Light
    Darker Conditions, Molecules Compress & Separate Allow in More Light
  • Photochromic Lenses: Optimize for Environment, Providing Eyes w/Exact Light Needed
  • Enables Eyes to Discern Shapes & Colors Quickly while Eliminating Eyestrain
  • Serengeti Spectral Control Technology:
    Removes Wavelengths to Give Better Saturation of What We Need to See
    Lens Fine-Tunes & Filters Shortwave Blue Light
    Allows More Red, Green & Yellow to Pass-Thru
  • Results:
    Landscapes Get Washed Out, Dull, or Flat Become Defined, Vibrant & Vivid
    Traffic Signs, Signals Appear More Distinguishable
    Eyes Remain Cool & Relaxed
  • Diminishing Atmospheric Haze
    Filters Up to 96% of Blue Light, Reduce Blue Blur & Visible Noise
    Enhances Contrast & Sharpness
    Improved Depth Perception
  • Serengeti Spectral Control Technology Helps Preserve Your Sight Perfectly
  • Headache from Glare Can Ruin Your Day
  • Polarization Technology:
    Glare Strikes, Embedded Serengeti Polarization Technology Acts Like Venetian Blind
    Distracting Perpendicular Rays are Reflected
    Lenses Relieve Eye Fatigue and Impeded Vision
    Eliminating Disruptive Glare
  • Polarization Technology Continued:
    Glare Reflected Off Road, Water, Snow or Flat Areas
    Parallel Light Rays Pass Thru Unhindered, Distracting Perpendicular Light is Reflected
    Eliminates Glare from Vehicle Headlights, Intense Lights, Shiny Surface Reflections & Everyday Outdoors
  • Include Case & Microfiber Cloth
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Key Features

• Contemporary Pilot Shape
• Works Well for Men and Women
• Base 6 Lens Curve
• Temple Length: 5.3 (135mm)
• Medium Fit

What's in the Box

• Carrara Sunglasses - Protective Case - Micro Fiber Cloth - Serengeti 2 Year Limited Warranty


Frame Material Nickel, Monel
Lens Material Borosilicate Mineral Glass
Polarized Yes
UV/UVB Protection Yes
Lens Color/Effect Gold Mineral Polarized Drivers: Amber-Colored Mirrored Lens/Amplifying Contrast & Definition
Mineral Polarized 555nm Blue: Blue Dielectric Mirror Coating/Glare & Improves Contrast
Anti-Reflective Yes
Lens Curvature Base 6
Spring Hinged Yes
Light Transmission Gold Mineral Polarized Drivers: 16% Transmittance Lightened Lens, 10% Transmittance Darkened Lens, 93%, Blue Light Blocked Lightened Lens, 96% Blue Light Blocked Darkened Lens
Mineral Polarized 555nm Blue: 25% Transmittance Lightened Lens, 16% Transmittance Darkened Lens, 89% Blue Light Blocked Lightened Lens, 93% Blue Light Blocked Darkened Lens
Nose & Temple Pads Yes
Fit Medium
Protective Case Yes
Dimensions Temple Length: 5.3 (135mm)
Lens Size: 2.3 x 2 x 2.64 (59 x 52 x 67mm)
Bridge Width: (DBL) 0.5 (13mm)

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