Scubapro Hydros X Men's BCD Package w/Balanced Inflator and MK25/D420 Regulator

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The Hydros X is the world's 1'st front-adjustable BCD to offer fully injection molded Monprene thermoplastic harness. This feature allows you to tailor the harness shape to perfectly fit your...
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Key Features

BCD & Regulator Package
Hydros X Men's BCD
Creates Superior Comfort
Excellent Stability
MK25 EVO First-Stage
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Balanced Diaphragm
D420 Second Stage
Air-Balanced Progressive Flow Control Valve
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Product Overview

The Hydros X is the world's 1'st front-adjustable BCD to offer fully injection molded Monprene thermoplastic harness. This feature allows you to tailor the harness shape to perfectly fit your torso & creating superior comfort. Add the full-sized backpack & stainless-steel Super Cinch tank band & you also get excellent stability both on the surface & at depth. The air cell & harness are modular & detachable. The bladder, made out of EndurTex high-tenacity 420 nylon fabric, is extremely lightweight & durable while offering generous lift capacity, aided by lower back bellows. In the event of damage, every component on the Hydros X is detachable & easily replaceable.

Its flat-buckled quick-release integrated weight system & rear trim weight pockets work together to offer a more comfortable & balanced ride when cruising the depths. The big zippered cargo pockets offer great gear-carrying capacity & are easily accessible even when the weight pouches are fully loaded. Two stainless-steel D-rings provide clip-on points for additional gear. In addition, the Hydros X features a Multi-Mount Accessory Matrix w/multiple D-Rings & mounting points that easily attach various dive accessories.

Monprene thermoplastic harness is extremely resistant to UV, chemicals & abrasion, plus it doesn't absorb water to minimize drying time. Rotating squeeze-style quick-release shoulder buckles allow you to route your shoulder straps to optimize fit. Weight integrated w/releasable weight capacity of 24lb (11kg) & 8 lbs. (3.6 kg) non-releasable capacity. The BCD's lift is 29.2 to 44.9lbs (13.25 to 20.4kg) depending on BC size. Buoyancy is controlled w/Scubapro Balanced Inflator mechanism, right shoulder & left bottom overpressure relief/dump valves w/pull cords. The Balanced Power Inflator provides high inflation speed, especially at depth. Inflator is equipped w/rapid pull dump mechanism w/cable pull for easy deflation. Inflator includes a 3/8" threaded low-pressure hose. BCD comes w/an owner's manual.

Scubapro engineers created a 21st century regulator in terms of quality, reliability, performance & style. The D420 has a balanced valve inside a housing supported by a full metal structure. This Progressive Flow Control Valve, is able to deliver abundant airflow for the best breathing performance, w/a natural smoothness like breathing on the surface. The uniquely shaped fiberglass-reinforced nylon casing is ultra-durable & allows LP hose to be connected on the right or left side for maximum rigging flexibility. A dive/pre-dive system switch on the top of the casing w/thumb tab is for adjusting the direction of airflow right out of the valve. The efficient purge button is a technical jewel based on a concept that gives the D420 its unique face. Teamed w/the MK25 EVO balanced piston 1'st stage, this is a regulator system purpose-designed for today's avid divers.

The MK25EVO is a balanced piston 1'st stage. It is a superior regulator thanks to its stable intermediate pressure resulting in a constantly high delivery of air. This means instant airflow at any tank pressure & water temperature for a real carefree dive. Air balanced, flow-thru-piston 1'st stages deliver significantly more air to the 2'nd stage than any other 1'st stage, while their performance is totally unaffected by the changing tank pressure. A balanced piston allows the use of lighter & more sensitive components, resulting in ultra-fast breathing response, instant delivery of air on demand, & extra high air flow, especially in low tank pressure ranges. The tired diver benefits from a smoother breathing regulator during the ascent or deco stop. A balanced piston performs equally in warm and cold-water environments.

The MK25 EVO has two 7/16" threaded high-pressure ports (HP). The arrangement of high & low-pressure hoses is crucial to diving comfort. 2 HP ports allow for individual positioning of the 1'st stage (pointing up or down). This allows the diver to position gauges on the right or left side & increases freedom of movement for head & neck. Multiple low-pressure ports (LP) - Ultimate freedom in arrangement of LP hoses, the MK25 EVO accommodates 5 HF (High Flow) 3/8" threaded ports on a swiveling turret, which allows for 360° swivel of hoses. HF ports deliver about 15% more air than conventional ports.

Cold Water Diving can be drastically different, including extreme cold water & outside temperatures, posing possibility of regulator freezing. The MK25 EVO uses Scubapro's Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS). The Scubapro MK25 EVO 1'st stage regulator meets EN250-2014 requirements for cold water diving, CE approved for 3360psi (230 bars). This model goes beyond this qualification & has been tested in extreme cold conditions at less than 36°F (2.2°C). The MK25 EVO has a thermal insulating coating on key internal components & an encapsulating main spring bushing that resist cooling effect in previous MK25 1'st stage regulators, also as a specific anti-freezing measure; Scubapro engineers designed a finned cap for the MK25 EVO 1'st stages for optimal-cold water diving. The fins of the XTIS act as a radiator to increase the surface area of heat transfer from the water to warm up internal parts that have been cooled by the gas pressure drop. The MK25 EVO's bigger body cap, body w/insulating bushing & ribs, antifreeze cap patented isolation system w/all internal parts fully insulated to improve cold water performance.

System gives the diver superior cold-water performance, equal to that of Scubapro's MK17-1'st stage. Now you have the option of a high-performance flow-thru piston design, w/a high level of performance in cold water. The MK25 is made from marine grade chrome plated brass & has a balanced composite/stainless steel piston. The D420 2'nd stage carries on the D-Series heritage w/the latest advances in breathing performance technology. Air-balanced Progressive Flow Control Valve is able to deliver abundant airflow w/a natural smoothness comparable to breathing on the surface. Casing design features inner winglets that direct airflow towards the exhaust valve, creating a dramatic improvement in exhalation effort. Diaphragm is located in the lower section of casing to take advantage of the pressure gradient in the upright position, making breathing even easier. Reversible hose attachment allows for either left-or-right-side LP hose connections. Large purge button is easy to reach & depress, w/or w/o gloves. Exhaust tee is compact & efficiently deflects bubbles from the diver's view while enhancing ease of exhalation. Super-flow 3/8" threaded hose features an oversized bore that allows more air to flow on each inhalation. Compact Hi-Flow mouthpiece improves airflow as well as mouth comfort, fitting all mouth sizes, from largest to smallest. Regulator weighs 40.8oz (1,157g), is Nitrox compatible up to 40% oxygen & comes w/an owner's manual.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty


  • Complete BCD & Regulator Package
  • Owner Manuals
  • Hydros X Men's BCD w/Balanced Inflator:
  • World's 1'st Front-Adjustable BCD w/Fully Injection Molded Monprene Thermoplastic Harness
  • Allows You to Tailor Harness Shape to Perfectly Fit Torso
  • Creates Superior Comfort
  • Full-Sized Backpack & Stainless-Steel Super Cinch Tank Band
  • Excellent Stability Both On-Surface-&-Depth
  • Air Cell & Harness Modular & Detachable
  • Bladder:
    Made Out of EndurTex
    High-Tenacity Nylon Fabric
    Extremely Lightweight & Durable
    Offers Generous Lift Capacity, Aided by Lower Back Bellows
  • In Event of Damage: Every Component Detachable & Easily Replaceable
  • Flat-Buckled Quick-Release Integrated Weight System
  • Rear Trim Weight Pockets
  • Weight System: Works Together Offering More Comfortable & Balanced Ride when Cruising-the-Depths
  • 2-Big Zippered Cargo Pockets
  • Pockets Offer Great Gear-Carrying Capacity, Easily Accessible When Weight Pouches Fully Loaded
  • 2-Stainless-Steel D-Rings Provide Clip-On Points for Additional Gear
  • Multi-Mount Accessory Matrix:
    Multiple D-Rings & Mounting Points
    Easily Attach Various Dive Accessories
  • Hydros X:
    Based On-Same Modular Monprene Harness & Backpack Hydros Pro BCD
    Monprene Harness Retains Virtually No Water
    Weighs Less Post-Dive & Dries Quickly
    Extremely Resistant to UV, Chemicals & Abrasion
  • Rotating Squeeze-Style Quick-Release Shoulder Buckles for Optimized Fit
  • Weight Integrated: Releasable: 24 lbs. (11 kg), Non-Releasable: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
  • Lift Capacity: 29.2 lbs. to 44.9 lbs. (13.25 kg to 20.4 kg), Size Dependent
  • Scubapro's Balanced Power Inflator Mechanism:
    Perfect Buoyancy Control
    High Inflation Speed, Especially at Depth
    Different Shaped Inflation & Purge Buttons
    Easy ID Even in Extremely Low Light or Murky Water
    Rapid Pull Dump Mechanism w/Cable Pull for Easy Deflation
    3/8 Thread LP QD Hose
  • Trim: Right Shoulder & Lower Right Rear Overpressure Relief/Pull Dump Valves
  • MK25 EVO/D420 Regulator:
  • High Performance, Reliable Scubapro Technology & Value
  • Superior Ultra-High Airflow System
  • Maximum Performance In-All-Temperatures & Conditions
  • 3/8 Threaded Oversized Bore Low-Pressure Super Flow Hose
  • More Air On-Each Inhalation
  • Nitrox Compatible Up to 40% Oxygen
  • Weight: 40.8 oz. (1,157 g)
  • Mark 25 EVO Regulator First Stage:
  • Superior Cold-Water Performance Equal to Scubapro's MK17 First Stage
  • EVO: Means Evolution, Revolutionizing Existing Technologies to Higher Performance
  • Ultra-Stable Intermediate Pressure
  • High Performance In-Warm-&-Cold Water to 3336 psi (230 bars)
  • Meets New EN250-2014 Requirements
  • CE Approved for 3360 psi (230 bars) In-Cold Water Conditions
  • Increased Cold Water Efficiency by 30% Over Previous MK25 Regulator
  • New Design:
    Proprietary Insulating Coating On-Key Internal Components
    Specific Anti-Freezing Measure
    Patented Finned Cap and Body
    Xtreme Thermal Insulating System (XTIS)
    Ribs of XTIS: Act as Radiator, Increase Surface Area of Heat Transfer
    Warms-Up Internal Parts
  • New Parts:
    Bigger Body Cap
    Insulating Bushing
    Antifreeze Cap
    Patented Isolation System
    Internal Parts Fully Insulated to Dramatically Improve Cold Water Performance
  • Air-Balanced Flow-Through Piston Design
  • Balanced Composite/Stainless Steel Flow-Thru-Piston
  • HP Ports: Two 7/16 Threaded
  • LP High Flow (HF) Ports: Five 3/8 Threaded
  • LP Ports Mounted-On Swivel Turret Cap for Maximum Hose Routing
  • D420 Second Stage Regulator:
  • Uniquely Shaped Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon Casing
  • Carries-On D-Series Heritage w/Latest Advances-In Breathing Performance Technology
  • Air-Balanced Progressive Flow Control Valve
  • Delivers Abundant Airflow w/Natural Smoothness Comparable to Breathing On-Surface
  • Dive/Pre-Dive System: Switch On-Top of Case w/Thumb Tab Adjusting
  • Casing Design Features Inner Winglets: Direct Airflow Towards Exhaust Valve
  • Winglets: Create Dramatic Improvement In-Exhalation-Effort
  • Diaphragm:
    Located In-Lower Section of Casing
    Takes Advantage of Pressure Gradient in Upright Position
    Makes Breathing Even Easier
  • Reversible Hose Attachment: Allows Left-or-Right-Side LP Hose Connections
  • Maximum Rigging Flexibility
  • Large Purge Button: Easy to Reach & Depress, with or w/o Gloves
  • Compact Exhaust Tee:
    Efficiently Deflects Bubbles-From-Diver's-View
    Enhances Ease of Exhalation
  • High Comfort Orthodontic Mouthpiece:
    Improves Airflow & Mouth Comfort
    Fits All Mouth Sizes
    Largest to Smallest
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Key Features

• BCD & Regulator Package
• Hydros X Men's BCD
• Creates Superior Comfort
• Excellent Stability
• MK25 EVO First-Stage
• Balanced Diaphragm
• D420 Second Stage
• Air-Balanced Progressive Flow Control Valve

What's in the Box

• BCD w/Balanced Inflator - 1'st Stage - 2'nd Stage - Low-Pressure Hoses -Owner Manuals


BC Body Jacket Style
Buoyancy Bag 29.2 lbs. to 44.9 lbs. (13.25 kg to 20.4 kg), Size Dependent
Valves Right Shoulder & Lower Right Rear Overpressure Relief/Pull Dump Valves
Pockets 2-Zippered Cargo
Shoulder Straps Rotating Torso Adjustable w/Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckles
Stainless Steel Rings Two, Multiple Plastic
Waist Strap Yes, w/Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckle
Chest Buckle Yes, w/Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckle
Oral Inflator Scubapro's Balanced Power Inflator Mechanism
Materials Bladder: EndurTex Nylon Fabric
Harness: Monprene, Thermoplastic
Weight Integrated Yes
Weight Capacity Releasable: 24 lbs (11kg)
Non-Releasable: 8 lbs (3.6kg)
1'st Stage Type Balanced Diaphragm
LP Ports Five 3/8 Thread HF
HP Ports Two 7/16 Threaded
Adjustable 2'nd Stage Yes, Venturi Dive/Pre-Dive Switch
Nitrox Compatible Yes, Up to 40% Oxygen
2'nd Stage Type Air Balanced Progressive Flow Control Valve
Regulator Materials First Stage: Chromed Brass
Second Stage: Case Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon, Valve Body Chromed Brass
Hose Thread 3/8
Hose Length 29.5 (75cm)
Total Weight 40.8 oz (1,157g)

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