Oceanic Pro-Plus 3 Air/Nitrox, Air Integrated Computer with Compass

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No more squinting. Dive Computers are supposed to deliver crucial data quickly and w/o confusion. Oceanic agrees. That is why the Pro-Plus 3 combines a huge display area, the largest...
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Key Features

Air integration
Large visible screen
Dual algorithm option
Intuitive navigation of information

Product Overview

The Oceanic Pro-Plus 3 Air/Nitrox, Air Integrated Computer with Compass is a highly functional, easy to read, simple to navigate dive computer ready to safely assist you on your next SCUBA adventure.

Critical data is displayed clearly through a large display area that portrays the information in supersized digits.  The intuitive user interface produces the needed information quickly.  The graphic user interface provides the recognizable logic of green, yellow and red color-coding in conjunction w/bar graph. 

 Air integration not only provides your air pressure, the information is utilized for additional data points provided for the diver’s safety.  
The Air Time Remaining (ATR) feature calculates current depth, tank pressure, breathing rate, ascent time, & decompression status to tell you how long the gas will last. The Pro Plus 3 continually displays ATR via a numerical bar graph in addition to cylinder pressure. You may also display ATR in oversized digits at any time with the press of a button.

The Dive Time Remaining (DTR) feature provides a time in minutes calculating the nitrogen load and oxygen absorption, displaying whichever allows less time.  The Pro Plus 3 offers both push button and water activation.  Pre-dive, the push button activation allows the diver to check air pressure and proper operation of the computer.   A useful dive planning feature allows the diver to plan the dive according to desired depth and time, calculating the viability of the profile.  Should the diver forget to activate before water entry, the computer automatically activates upon contact with the water.  The Pro Plus 3 features a variety of system and user customized audible alarms, alerting you to specific warnings and potential dangers.  

The Pro Plus 3 is easily programmed for either air or Nitrox with mixes from 21% to 100%.  This computer is designed to grow with the diver as experience, training and objectives evolve.  

The Oceanic Dual Algorithm technology allows the diver to choose between two different decompression models before a dive to maximize bottom time or adjust the computer to closely mimic the profile of another brand that a buddy may be using. The two algorithms (Pelagic DSAT and Pelagic Z+) are optimized to provide the best bottom time for different types of diving without compromising diver safety.

Pelagic DSAT is the model that the PADI RDP table and the vast majority of other dive computers are based upon. It is perfect for repetitive, multi-level diving that you’d experience on a liveaboard or other diving holiday and provides consistent dive times through the trip.  Pelagic Z+ gives divers the option of maximizing dive time at depth, safely allowing more bottom time at the deepest point on one-off dives. Using this model for repetitive, multi-level dives will result in a steady loss of dive time on subsequent dives.
Each algorithm can be modified by adjusting the conservatism factor for a safer or more liberal dive profile.  Oceanic’s color coded bar graphs provide complete control of your margin of safety for each dive.  

For added safety, a brief audible & visual alarm reminds you as you approach 15' (4.6m), and an automatic 3-minute timer counts down to zero.  All pertinent information is still available during this time as well.  A variable ascent rate indicator will alert the diver if the rate exceeds recommendations.  

The Pro Plus 3 is as versatile underwater as it is topside. Upon starting your dive, the Pro Plus 3 will simply display current depth, the no-decompression limit in minutes and cylinder pressure. Simply press the button to see more additional information. 
This full featured computer offers very intuitive operation above or below the surface with two button navigation between information screens.  High adjustability includes’ 12/24 hour formats, date and time stamp and automatic altitude adjustment up to 14,000 feet (4270m).  The diver replaceable battery is especially convenient when traveling and allows for hot swap to retain the computer’s stored information.  Post dive, the Pro Plus 3 calculates 24-hour flight countdown and calculates de-saturation time as well.  The Oceanic Pro Plus 3 can display in both imperial and metric, has an operational depth of 330 feet (100m), displays pressure from 0-5000psi (353bars) and temperature.  

The  Oceanic Pro-Plus 3 Air/Nitrox, Air Integrated Computer with Compass stores up to 24 dives.  Optional Ocean-Log PC interface and PC upload is available, allowing for storage and logging of more dives and important information.  
In addition to the Pro Plus 3’s highly visible screen, the SmartGlo backlighting feature provides enhanced clarity during lower visibility and night dives.   The attached SideScan compass is liquid filled and dual purpose in that both line of site and simple bezel navigation can be accomplished.  It is highly luminescent and easy to use with gloves on.

The Oceanic Pro Plus 3 can display in imperial or metric measurements, has an operational depth of 330' (100m), displays pressure from 0 to 5,000 psi (0 to 352 bars) & displays temperature from 0° to 99°F (-9° to 60°C), comes in a durable impact resistant case w/attachment points for lanyards or clips w/a 7/16" threaded HP hose, & owner's manual.  
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Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.


  • Full function air integrated computer
  • Air integration
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR) display
  • Dive Time Remaining (STR) display
  • Large, highly visible display
  • User changeable dual algorithms
  • User changeable battery with hot-swap
  • Button or water activated
  • Custom audible alarms with flashing LED warning light
  • Automatic safety stop countdown
  • Air time remaining graph
  • SmartGlo backlighting
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • 24-hour fluy and calculated desaturation time
  • PC downloadable
  • Attached Sidescan Compass
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Key Features

• Air integration
• Large visible screen
• Dual algorithm option
• Intuitive navigation of information

What's in the Box

• Oceanic Pro Plus-3 Air/Nitrox - Air Integrated Computer - with Compass - 7/16 HP Hose - Review Card and Owner's Manual


Computer: ----
Algorithm Dual Algorithm: Pelagic DSAT (Spencer/Powell data base) or Pelagic Z+ (Buhlmann ZHL-16C data base)
Audible Alarms Yes
Depth Display 330' (100m)
Altitude Adjustable Yes, Up to 14,000' (4,270m)
Operating Modes Air/Nitrox/ Gauge
Back Light Yes
Memory Capacity 24 On-Board Log Book
Time, Date & Temperature Yes
Imperial/Metric Display Yes
Power User Replaceable CR2 Battery
Air Integrated Yes
Pressure Display 0 to 5,000 psi (0 to 352 bars)
Hose Threads 7/16
Compass ----
Compass Materials Plastic
Liquid Filled Yes
Lubber Line Yes
Rotating Bezel 360½: Rotating
Headings in 30½: Numbered Increments
Indicator Marks for Every 10½:
Compass Luminous Dial Yes

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