Deepblu Cosmiq+ Gen 5 Watch Computer

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In this latest release, the COSMIQ+ Gen 5 features upgrades that were made after listening to user feedback about what they'd like to see improved on the COSMIQ+ dive computer....
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Key Features

Refresh of COSMIQ+ Model

Product Overview

In this latest release, the COSMIQ+ Gen 5 features upgrades that were made after listening to user feedback about what they'd like to see improved on the COSMIQ+ dive computer. The upgraded memory module now allows 200 dive logs instead of 25 logs. Free-diving customized depth alarms have been increased from 3 to 6 alarms. The LCD Screen has also been upgraded and features a noticeably, even brighter display.

The COSMIQ+ Gen 5 Watch Computer is a refresh of the original COSMIQ+ model, introducing an advanced bottom timer function for technical divers and a range of gorgeous new color options. With modes for freediving, recreational and technical diving, COSMIQ+ Gen 5 will appeal to divers of all walks and skill levels. At the push of a button, you can sync with the Deepblu App, allowing you to effortlessly create an interactive dive log and re-experience your dive after surfacing.

Measures all vital dive data, performs decompression and saturation/desaturation calculations, for standard air and Nitrox dives. Deepblu Decompression Algorithm based on the calculations on the Buhlmann ZHL-16C model. Three Safety Factor settings for the decompression algorithm: Conservative, normal or progressive. Adjustable settings for Nitrox diving between 21% and 40%. Dive plan function for planning dives in advance. Free dive mode built specifically for apnea/freediving. Bottom timer setting with current depth gauge and overall runtime, and resettable stage time and average depth. Sound and visual alarm warnings. Dive logbook - saves dive data for up to 200 dives. Wireless synchronization via Blue-tooth to upload and save dive data to the Deepblu mobile app to create digital dive logs. Free over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades. 2.2" (5.6cm) high-contrast LCD screen with pixel-less EBTN technology.

The COSMIQ+ Gen 5 has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with magnetic USB connector, built-in clock and calendar and the ability to adjust settings by syncing COSMIQ+ Gen 5 with the Deepblu mobile app. Operating modes are Watch Mode / Scuba Mode / Bottom Timer Mode / Free Dive Mode / Log Mode / Sync Mode. Computer has a metric (meters/°C) or imperial (feet/°F) selectable measure of units. The computer is depth rated to 330' (100m) and supports altitude diving above 985' (300m). The computer will run for 6 to 7 hours on a full charge of the lithium-ion battery. The battery is charged with a standard USB cable and data transfer for logging the on-board 25 unsynchronized logged dives via Blue-tooth 4.0 and Deepblu Mobile App for iOS/Android.

The computer housing is made from fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate with the lens made from polycarbonate with 8h hardness coating for strength and durability. The screen technology is an Enhanced Black Twisted Nematic (EBTN) Negative Image LCD Display. The strap material is 0.49" (1. 24mm) Ballistic nylon NATO watch strap with stainless steel buckles and a hook and loop fastener and it comes with an optional bungee cord mount for dry suit divers. The unit measures 2.78" x 1.91" x 0.82" (70.6mm x 48.6mm x 20.9mm) and weighs approximately 2.86 oz. (81 g).

Key functions/measurements are: Current depth, deepest depth, average depth, stage time, water temperature, dive time, oxygen level (21% to 40%), no decompression limit, ceiling depth, decompression stop time(s), ascent rate, safety stop, surface interval, dive plan function, maximum operating depth (MOD), no-fly time, no-dive time, battery indicator, clock, calendar, wireless dive log transfer and OTA firmware upgrades. Audible/Visual Alarms are: General; battery power low, Scuba Mode; depth alarm, time alarm, ascent rate warning, NDL warning/violation, MOD alarm, PPO2 warning, CNS warning, Free Dive Mode; time alarm, depth alarm, surface interval alarm, Bottom Timer Mode; ascent rate warning. Included with the COSMIQ+ Gen 5 Base Unit are a NATO wrist strap (2 pcs), dry suit bungee cord, charging cable, anti-glare Screen protector (2 pcs), quick-start-guide and a protective storage and transport carrying case.

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.


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Key Features

What's in the Box

• Computer


Algorithm Buhlmann ZHL-16C Model
Audible Alarms Yes
Depth Display 330' (100m)
Altitude Adjustable Yes, Supports Altitude Diving Above 985' (300m)
Operating Modes Watch, Scuba Air/Nitrox, Bottom Timer, Free Dive, Log, Sync
Back Light No, High-Contrast LCD Screen w/Pixel-Less EBTN Technology
Memory Capacity Up to 200 Dives
Time, Date & Temperature Yes
Imperial/Metric Display Yes
Power Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Dual Time and Daily Alarm Yes

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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DeepBlu Cosmiq+ Dive Computer Review - Scuba Gear Reviews

Just got certified in Maui. The computer worked great and is easy to set up and use. Little hard to read in bright sunlight, but better a few feet down. I uploaded my dives easily and added pictures also. Since its my first and only computer it is hard to compare, but I love this one.