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Creation of the brand by Seraphin Bolle in Oyonnax (France). Bolle is one of the first companies to use a new type of celluloid. This material becomes the basis of...
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Key Features

Newest Release In Sport Lifestyle Range
Falco Packs Performance Details
Rubber Temples & Nose Pads
Large Fit Falco
With or Without Phantom + Lens
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Ready for Any Adventure You-Add-to-Your-Bucket-List
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Product Overview

Creation of the brand by Seraphin Bolle in Oyonnax (France). Bolle is one of the first companies to use a new type of celluloid. This material becomes the basis of Bolle products during its first decades. The brand launches its first sunglasses and becomes quickly the pioneer of molded nylon, creating products that meet the highest standards of safety. Now, over 130 years later, Bolle products are distributed and worn all over the world. Bolle has developed a particular strength in the specialty markets of snow sports, water sports, golf, tennis, cycling and outdoor, as well as eyewear that meets every day needs and styles.

Newest release in the Sport Lifestyle range, Falco packs performance details such as Phantom lenses or rubber temples and nose pads. Large fit Falco is ready for anything. With HD polarized, anti-scratch, and Phantom lenses the Bolle Falco is ready for any adventure you add to your bucket list. Think that's not enough? they also have a model with Bolle NXT photochromic lens with anti-fog treatment so you can see in epic clear vision without the worry of blurry. The Falco is durable and prepared for it all. Bold style in a lightweight package.

Injected in lightweight and strong TR90 nylon frames. HD refers to Bollefs contrast-enhancing filter, now available on a great selection of styles. The second ingredient of this lens is polarization technology, which protects your eyes from reflected sunlight. The two components are united in the same lens to create the Bolle HD Polarized lens. You will never have to choose between contrast and polarization again. Oleophobic/Hydrophobic treatment on the outside of the lens. Forget about dirt, grease and water spots, this coating stops it before it sticks to your lenses and causes a distraction. Anti-Fog Treatment means no fogging on your eyewear under any circumstance. Not only repels the fog that clouds your vision but is simply revived by an application of moisture.Available in two models.

The Bolle Falco Phantom + Lens Sunglasses with Matte Black Frames: Phantom+ combines all of Bollefs 3 technologies adding a 4th additional element: polarization. Polarized lenses are largely recognized today for their benefits in terms of blocking parasitic light reflections. So, it felt right to add them to Bollefs already unbeatable lens technology to improve its level by yet another step. Equipped with Phantom+ lenses, you will be ready totake on any adventure. Phantom lens technology f developed in partnership with Essilor Sun Solution f redefines how you see the environment. Industry-leading optical clarity, light-adaptive lens & high contrast filter, allow you to reveal the invisible. The Phantom lens is a combination of 3 advanced technologies that revolutionize how you see your environment. Made with NXT material for enhanced definition and a molecular photochromic filter that adapts to all light conditions. Also, a high-contrast filter improves color and depth perception. Phantom lenses raise the optical clarity of Bolle lenses to a new level. NXT material is packed with a lot of features such as optimal clarity,lightweight, high impact resistance, chemical resistance, and of course 100% UV protection. Ideal for a sport use, Phantom lenses will offer maximum protection & comfort of vision for your eyes.

Phantom lens technology achieves a wide range visible light transmission, ensuring precise visual acuity in all weather conditions, including the most extreme. The lens tint changes with the light from Cat1 to Cat3 in less than 30 seconds. Bolle has advanced the performance of Phantom lens technology by adding a high contrast filter on its lenses.Available on all Phantom lenses, the high contrast filter boosts colors and significantly enhance your vision.Whether you are on the road or on trails, high contrast lenses will help you to perceive the obstacles. NXT technology combines the best of both worlds: the optical clarity of mineral lenses and the light weight and impact resistance of organic lenses. Made with Trivex material, NXT lenses dramatically enhance your vision. Featuring this technology, Bolle performance range guarantees the best possible combination of visual acuity, comfort and protection.

Whether you are on a bike, a slope or out in the country, perfect vision is crucial if you are to perform at your best. With optical clarity close to that of a mineral lens, Bolle NXT lenses considerably improve your vision acuity, thus improving hand-eye coordination and intricate motor skills. This enables athletes at every level to employ the technology required to beat the competition. NXT lenses not only protect you 100% from harmful UV rays, but are also built for maximum impact resistance. NXT is one of the strongest materials on the market. Originally adapted from military use - jet canopies and helicopter windshields - lenses are subjected to rigorous high-velocity impact tests. NXT material is close to the lightest lens material available today, at 14% lighter than polycarbonate. This allows for larger designs with fuller coverage, ultimate protection and utmost comfort. Tuff, they are scratch resistant too. High contrast grey lenses have a light transmission of 31% to 13%.

The Bolle Falco Sunglasses with HD Polarized Offshore Blue Lenses has anti-reflective treatment. Glare and bright light can come at you from all directions, often bouncing back directly into your eyes. That's why Bollefs scientifically engineered anti-reflective coating is applied to the inside of most Bolle lenses. Most all other features that are found on the Bolle Falco Phantom + Sunglasses are also found on the HD Polarized Offshore Blue Lens model except the Phantom + lens and anti-scratch features. The Offshore Blue Polarized Lenses are a Cat3 lens, with a grey base tint, are high contrast and have a light transmission of 12%.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


  • Bolle Sport Lifestyle Range
  • Falco Packs Performance Details
  • Rubber Temples & Nose Pads
  • Large Fit Design
  • Ready for Any Adventure You-Add-to-Your-Bucket-List
  • Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Treatment: Repels Dirt, Grease & Water Spots
  • Polarized Lenses: Align Light Rays from Sun, Giving Crystal-Clear View At-All-Times
  • Lens Polarization Efficiently Filters Out 98% of Sunlight Reflections
  • Sea, Trout Stream or Road, You'll-Be-Able-to-See What's Really-Ahead
  • By Minimizing Glare, Polarized Lenses Reduce Eye Fatigue & Enhance Vision Clarity
  • Strong, Lightweight TR90 Nylon Frames
  • Two Models to Choose
  • Falco Phantom + Lens Sunglasses w/Matte Black Frames:
  • Phantom+ Combines All of Bolle's 3 Technologies Adding A-4th Additional Element
  • Phantom+:
    Developed In Partnership w/Essilor Sun Solution
    Redefines How You See the Environment
    Industry-Leading Optical Clarity, Light-Adaptive Lens & High Contrast Filter
    Allows You to Reveal the Invisible
    Ensuring Precise Visual Acuity In-All-Weather-Conditions
    Lens Tint Changes w/Light from Cat1 to Cat3
  • NXT Lens Material:
    Packed w/Lots of Features
    Optimal Clarity, Lightweight, High Impact Resistance
    Chemical Resistance & 100% UV Protection
    Wide Range Visible Light Transmission
    14% Lighter than Polycarbonate
    Scratch Resistant Too
  • Ideal for Sport Use
  • Maximum Protection & Comfort of Vision for Your Eyes
  • High Contrast Filter Lens: Boosts Colors & Significantly Enhance Vision
  • On-the-Road or On-Trails, High Contrast Lenses Help Perceive the Obstacles
  • Best of Both Worlds:
    Optical Clarity of Mineral Lenses
    Light Weight & Impact Resistance of Organic Lenses
  • Trivex Material, NXT Lenses Dramatically Enhance Vision
  • Best Possible Combination of Visual Acuity, Comfort & Protection
  • Lenses: Improve Hand-Eye Coordination & Intricate Motor Skills
  • Enables Athletes to Employ Technology Required to Beat the Competition
  • 100% UV Ray Protection
  • High Contrast Grey Lens Light Transmission of 31% to 13%
  • Bolle Falco Sunglasses w/HD Polarized Offshore Blue Lenses:
  • Bolle's Scientifically Engineered Anti-Reflective Treatment
  • Offshore Blue Polarized Lenses: Cat3 Lens
  • Grey Base Tint: High Contrast Design
  • Light Transmission: 12%
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Key Features

• Newest Release In Sport Lifestyle Range
• Falco Packs Performance Details
• Rubber Temples & Nose Pads
• Large Fit Falco
• With or Without Phantom + Lens
• Ready for Any Adventure You-Add-to-Your-Bucket-List

What's in the Box

• Falco Sunglasses - MFG 2 Year Limited Warranty


Frame Material TR90 Nylon
Lens Material Phantom + Lens: Trivex Material, NXT
Offshore Blue Lenses: Polycarbonate
Polarized Yes
Lens Color/Effect Phantom + Lens:
Grey Lenses/Maintain Natural Color Perception
Ideal for All Light Conditions
Neutral Contrast
Offshore Blue Lens:
High Contrast
Fit Large
Anti-Glare Yes, Phantom+
Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Yes
Anti-Scratch Yes, Phantom+
Light Transmission Phantom + Lens: 31% to 13%
Offshore Blue Lenses: 12%
Anti-Fog Yes, Phantom+

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