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Ocean Reef Neptune III Full Face Mask

EFFORTLESS – Completely new 2nd stage design and engineering. This FFM breaths smooth as silk.

INNOVATIVE – The 2nd stage is Integrated in the mask fully, as per our Company’s philosophy, but now it can be detached quickly (Level 1 tech certification required) for never-before quick servicing and swap.

PRACTICAL – All the great designers in the World could come together to make the most beautiful product ever, but we, divers, need products that are more than beautiful – they must be practical. Neptune III is just that.

Rugged Design

Signature double coated visor is renowned for its unparalleled toughness and clearness, now combined with tech PU regulator protection and silicone deflector to absorb the shocks of an intense scuba diving use.

State-of-the-Art Integrated Regulator

COMFORTABLE – Premium materials, redesigned nasal pocket descending from the experience we built upon 100s of thousands of FFSM that we made for people around the globe.

BADASS – Not our words, just the natural reaction of whom gets to look at this IDM and hold it in their hands.

PANORAMIC – We held the top spot for field of vision of any FFM before the Neptune III, now, we’ve increased it further!


Neptune III Backpack

Neptune III Backpack is designed to safely carry your IDM & with thousand features. A backpack for scuba divers, designed by scuba divers. The backpack has soft material padding for a comfortable wearing. Waterproof material for the external side. 2 waterproof external pockets. 6 D-rings & carabiners on the shoulder straps to hang accessories. Emergency whistle on chest clip. Different straps set ups for carrying gear. 2 secret pockets. Smart opening to have access to the mask & an elastic strap to hold it.

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