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Designed for the Best Diving Experience

MISSION ONE is a powerful and intelligent dive computer. Its advanced alarm system provides effective vibration and on-screen notifications. By syncing with the ATMOS™ App, you can view the dive site’s GPS and keep your unforgettable diving stories. Sleek and robust construction, make it the most desirable dive companion to ensure your best diving experience.

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Global Award
  • Scuba mode
  • Freediving mode
  • Gauge mode
  • Daily smart features

Scuba Mode

  • Bühlmann ZHL-16c (GF configurable)

    Air & Nitrox Single Gas (21-40% o2 Percentage)

    Safety stop / Deco / Fast ascent / Depth / Time alarm

    Lockable compass bearing

    Ascent rate indicator

    Dive plan

    Residual tissue loading reset

Scuba Mode

Freediving Mode

Speed indicator

10 sets for depth alarm

10 sets for time alarm

Surface rest notify

Freedive stopwatch

Freediving Mode
Gauge Mode
Daily Smart Features

Sold out

1.2″ Hi-Res Color display, outstanding readability with adjustable brightness


Detailed Dive Log

100 Dive Memory in unit and

visual dive profile.