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My Status: Starting age 45 March of 2007 My last dive was logged on Nov 9th 2014 .PADI Instructors Exam passed November 2011. MSDT since Oct 11th 2014

RAWalker - Mesa Arizona USA 

About Me:  Raised minutes from Jones beach on Long Island- New York. It wasn´t until I moved to the desert of Arizona that I bacame a diver. I dive locally at Lake PLeasant but prefer tropical locations.I´m a PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainer as of Oct 11 2014. I´m continuing my SCUBA education by adding specialties to those I already teach while training as a IDC Staff Instructor. I´m also an active member of the online scuba community and can be found on the following sites: - - - **PADI certified: - MSDT - Divemaster - Master Scuba Diver - Rescue Diver - Peak Performance Buoyancy - Equipment Specialist - Altitude Diver - Enriched Air Diver - Project AWARE Diver - Underwater Navigaton - Night Diver - Drysuit Diver**NAUI certified: - Rescue Diver **SDI certified: - Underwater Navigation Diver **DAN certified: - Diving Emergency Management Provider **Memberships: - PADI Diving Society - Divers Alert Network
Favorite Dive Gear
Oceanic Delta IV FDX10 Regs / OMS Backplates w/ Deluxe comfort harness / Oxycheq 30# Mach V wing /Hollis F1 fins /Tilos Frameless Mask /Oceanic Atom 2.0 computer
Favorite Dive Locations
Bora Bora - Aruba - Cancun - Cabo San Lucas - San Carlos - Catalina
Photography - Woodworking - Mountain Biking
DIY - Muscle Cars - Firearms
Favorite Music
Classic Rock
Favorite TV Shows
Revolution / Person Of Interest / Once Upon A Time
Favorite Movies
Waterworld / Forbidden Planet / The Day the Earth Stood Still(original version)
Favorite Books
I only have time for Training Materials these days.
Favorite Quotes
All fisherman are liars except you and me and sometimes I´m not so sure about you!
My Dive Bag
Whites Nexus II Drysuit (View product)
OMS, Backplate (View product)
Oxycheq 30# Mach V (View product)
Hollis F1 Fins (View product)
Oceanic Atom 2.0 (View product)
Oceanic Delta IV FDX10 (View product)
Atomic Splitfins (View product)
Oceanic VT Pro (View product)
Oceanic VT3 (View product)

RAWalker's Dive Slate

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What is the diving like in Lake Pleasant?
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 6/14/2010
1 response. 
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It changes depending on time of year and weather and the water level.Winters can have tempertures as low as 49*F. Spring brings thermoclines starting at about 50 feet and in the summer the water above the thermoclines can reach temperatures above 85*FAverage vis is 20-30 feet but I´ve seen it at over 50 feet. The vis generally is better below the thermoclines but it gets dark and a light is needed. This year that is especially true since we had winter and spring storms bring in a large amount of debris floating on top.
Written by RAWalker on 6/15/2010
Outstanding shots! Gives hope to the rest of us non-pro photographers out there.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 6/2/2010
Those are great pix. The technology is getting better and making it easier to shoot well. A simple housing with a strobe will improve color also.
Written by Capt B on 11/2/2009
People from outside Arizona and those that don´t dive ask me often about diving in Arizona. The fact is we do have some lakes ranging from large man made to small natural. Beside that divers from this area can travel 3 hour by car to Rocky Point Mexico, 6 hour to Southern California or 8 hour to San Carlos Mexico. Each of these areas has great saltwater diving.
Written by RAWalker on 6/27/2009
For those interested in Digital Underwater Photography and debating how much they need to spend. All the pictures I have attached to this webpage were taken with Point and Shoot cameras and the total cost of the outfit including housing, 2 strobes and batteries was under $550.
Written by RAWalker on 4/20/2009

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Pendernales Wreck-Aruba

Pendernales Wreck-Aruba
Pendernales Wreck-Aruba
Pendernales Wreck-Aruba
Pendernales Wreck-Aruba
Pendernales Wreck-Aruba
San Carlos-Mexico
San Carlos-Mexico
Casino Point-Catalina Island-California

Casino Point-Catalina Island-California

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Pendernales Wreck-Aruba

Pendernales Wreck-Aruba: Aruba

Pendernales Wreck-Aruba

Pendernales Wreck-Aruba: Pendernales Wreck Aruba

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Aruba (Antila Wreck)
4/27/2007 11:27:35 PM
Robert Walker: Dive 1 after open water certification, hit bottom, add a bit of air to the BC, tug on the inflator to release some and it comes away from the hose and the cable isn’t connected. No way to inflate at surface. Fresh training helped!

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Casino Point-Catalina Island-California Casino Point-Catalina Island-California
I´d rather be in the tropics I´d rather be in the tropics
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Pendernales Wreck-Aruba Pendernales Wreck-Aruba

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