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My Status: Working for the weekend. A diving weekend!

Billiam - Tuscaloosa USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  Just a middle aged guy who´s tired of being on dry land.
Favorite Dive Gear
My Scubapro Sea Wing Nova´s. These are some fast fins.
Favorite Dive Locations
I would love to dive Bora Bora.
Offroading, Hiking, Camping and Backpacking, Repelling, Water skiing and.....of coarse.....SCUBA DIVING.
Other cultures and their foods, music and lifestyles.
Favorite Music
I work with a production company, so....just about any performer on our stage. (especially if it´s original music) However, I don´t care for lip sincers or gangsta rap.
Favorite TV Shows
N.C.I.S. and The Mentalist.
Favorite Movies
The Shawshank Redemption, Roxanne, The Princess Bride, plus many more.
Favorite Books
Scuba Diving Magazine
Favorite Quotes
"Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying"
My Dive Bag
Sherwood, Avid Scuba BCD (View product)
Sherwood, SR1 Scuba Regulator (View product)
Sherwood, SR1 Octo (View product)
Atomic, Ultra Clear Subframe Scuba Dive Mask (View product)
Atomic, SV2 Semi-Dry Snorkel (View product)
Mares, X Vision Liquid Skin mask (View product)
ScubaPro Seawing Nova Adjustable Strap Dive Fins (View product)
2 x Catalina, 80cf. tank w/ Harrison, Convertible Pro K Valve (View product)
Genesis, 3 Gauge Inline Dive Console with Max Depth Indicator (View product)
Ocean Quest, 3mm High Top Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Medium Sole Dive Boots (View product)
Ocean Quest, 6oz Premium Lycra Short Sleeve Rash Guard (View product)
Ocean Quest, 6oz Premium Lycra Long Sleeve Rash Guard (View product)
Mares 0.5mm Long Sleeve Thermo Rash Guard (View product)
Henderson Hyperstretch Titanium Diving Hood (View product)
Nikon Coolpix L24 with Ikelite housing (View product)
Akona Deluxe Scuba Regulator Dive Bag (View product)
Akona Scuba Diving Weight Carry Bag. (View product)
Akona Deluxe Duffel Dive Bag (View product)
Akona Roller Backpack Dive Bag (View product)

Billiam's Dive Slate

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Looking forward to the Whale Shark migration in Belize this spring.
Written by Billiam on 1/15/2015
I have looked into the cost to dive Bora Bora there and Austrailia Great Barrier Reef are my dream Dives one day. All cost major $$. I use to work for a trucking company as an apprentice Mechanic back in 92. Was hard work but what a work out. Have a Happy easter
Written by Arctic Girl on 4/8/2012
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Im planning a trip to Belize in the near future.
Written by Billiam on 4/16/2012

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