Suunto Vyper Novo Light Wrist Computer

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Integrating all of the same great features you already expect out of the original Vyper Novo, Suunto's Vyper Novo Light is a pared down version that comes nitrox and free-dive...
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Key Features

Fully featured wrist dive computer
Affordable price
Optional air integration
Digital compass  

Product Overview

The Suunto Vyper Novo Lite is a wrist computer that is surprisingly affordable for a computer as fully featured as it is.  The Vyper Novo Lite offers the same performance as the Vyper Novo but has forgone both the rubber boot and download cable (available to purchase separately) to achieve a more budget friendly model.  This wrist computer is appropriate for all recreational divers and has the ability to grow with the diver as experience, training and objects evolve. 

The Suunto Vyper Novo Lite Wrist Computer is Nitrox compatible and offers up to three gases with oxygen up to 99%.  It supports hoseless air integration with an optional transmitter (SKU SQTVTCT) which allows the diver to dramatically streamline their equipment setup and add the convenience of seeing tank pressure easily from the wrist.  
The Vyper Novo Lite comes complete with a highly accurate digital compass.  This compass provides a true reading even at a 45° angle allowing for both ease of use and simple navigation.  

The Suunto Vyper Novo Lite utilizes the Suunto RGBM algorithm which is their pioneering algorithm for managing dissolved and free gas in the blood and tissue. Suunto has been developing RGBM algorithms together with Dr. Bruce Wienke for well over a decade. A rich history full of science, development, and underwater experience lies within every Suunto dive computer.  Used in Suunto Vyper Air, Vyper, Cobra, Cobra3, Zoop, D4i, and D6i, this adaptable algorithm provides an accurate picture of what’s happening in the body throughout a dive.  The reliability of this algorithm is proven by literally millions of successful dives.  

The Viper Novo Lite provides audible alarms and notifications for dive time, maximum depth, tank pressure (optional), high pO2, fast ascents, decompression ceiling violations, CNS/OUT (OLF) 80%/100% and switch gas (better gas is available).  An ascent rate indicator will provide warning if the ascent exceeds recommended parameters and once at the safety stop, a countdown timer will confirm the correct timing.  The deep stop option includes additional stops between the diver's maximum depth and ceiling to allow divers to off gas safely while making an ascent.

The Suunto Vyper Novo Lite is backlit when needed and has an enlarged segment matrix screen which provides excellent contrast and information with larger and clearer digits for depth, no-decompression and all vital information.  The intuitive four button interface provides simple navigation to the needed information and settings.  

The Vyper Novo Lite is powered by a user replaceable 3-volt CR2450 lithium ion battery.   Although Suunto computers have user replaceable batteries, Suunto recommends that battery replacement be done by an authorized Suunto dealer.

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Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 60 months.


  • Algorithm: Bruce R. Wienke, BS, MS and PhD, Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM)
  • Operating Modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive
  • Programmable for 21% to 99% Oxygen Mixtures
  • Displays Oxygen Partial Pressures from 17.4 psi to 23.2 psi (1.2 to 1.6 bars)
  • Altitude Adjustable Up to 10,000' (3,000 meters)
  • Maximum Depth Display: 330' (100 meters)
  • 12 or 24-Hour Clock Format
  • Temperature Gauge to 1.5° (1°C) Accuracy
  • Imperial/Metric Programmable
  • Decompression Stop Data
  • Audible Alarms
  • 42 Hour Profile and Logbook Memory
  • User-Replaceable 3 Volt CR2450 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Back Lite Display, Easy to Read in Low Light & Night Conditions
  • 3-D Compass w/45° Tilt Angle
  • Air Integration with Optional Transmitter
  • Enlarged Segment Matrix Screen
  • Excellent Contrast & Information w/ Bigger/Clearer Digits
  • Easier More Intuitive Diver Use
  • PC Compatible
  • DVD Owner's Manual
  • Quick Guide
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Key Features

• Fully featured wrist dive computer
• Affordable price
• Optional air integration
• Digital compass  

What's in the Box

• Vyper Novo Wrist Computer - Display Shield - Safety Leaflet - Quick Guide - Suunto Logo Sticker - MFG 2 Year Limited Warranty


Algorithm Bruce R. Wienke, BS, MS and PhD, Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM)
Audible Alarms Yes
Depth Display 330' (100m)
Altitude Adjustable 0 to 10,000' (0 to 3,000m)
Operating Modes Air, Nitrox, Gauge & Free Dive
Back Light Yes
Memory Capacity Approx. 60 Hour Profile & Logbook
Time, Date & Temperature Yes
Imperial/Metric Display Yes
Power 3 Volt CR2450 Lithium-Ion Battery
Dual Time and Daily Alarm Yes
Air Integrated Optional w/Suunto Tank POD(see SKU: SQTPOD)
Pressure Display Yes
Digital Compass Yes
Upgradable Yes

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