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  • Defense Against Sea Lice, Jellies, Irritants
  • Anatomical Cut Pattern, Unisex Design
  • Form Fitting for Reduced Drag
  • Overlocked Stitched Seams, Rolled Edges
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  • Premium Grade Nylon/spandex Blend
  • Durable Over-Lock Stitching
  • Worn Alone in Tropical Conditions
  • Use for Layering Under Exposure Suit
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  • Reduces drag
  • Provides UV protection
  • Long front zipper
  • Heel stirrup straps and thumb loops
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  • Engineered for Performance
  • Designed to Make-A-Statement
  • Unbeatable UV Protection
  • UPF 80 Highest UV Protection Rating Available In Industry
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  • Part of Scubapro s UPF Collection
  • Designed to Perform, Worn-to-Be-Different
  • Head-to-Toe Protection from Stings & Skin Abrasion at Depth
  • Protection from Sun (UPF 50) On-the-Surface
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  • Thermal Protection, Nothing Beats Neoprene
  • Ideal for Tropical Diving, Snorkeling or Pool Training
  • Special Water-Repellant, High-Stretch Everflex Neoprene
  • Combination of Fleece & Plush On-Inside
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  • Trilastic long sleeved shirt
  • Provides UV protection of 30+
  • Flat lock stitching for better comfort
  • Can be worn alone or under and exposure suit
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  • Trilastic shorts
  • Protects against marine bites and UV rays
  • Can be worn alone or under and exposure suit
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  • Comfort, Protection, & Style
  • Great In-&-Around Water
  • Shields Harmful UV Exposure w/50+ Rating
  • Lightweight Design
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  • Over-lock construction
  • Utilizes optimum seam positioning
  • Transports moisture-away-from-body
  • Quick-drying
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  • Premium Heavy Weight Robust Polyolefin Material
  • Durable Flat-Lock Stitching
  • Shield Skin from Abrasion, UV Rays & Biological Irritants
  • Worn Alone in Tropical Conditions
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  • Now w/Titanium Far Infrared Nanotechnology
  • Provides Warmth of 4mm to 5mm Traditional Wetsuit
  • Breathable 10K+ Membrane
  • 100% Windproof
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  • Cut & Styled to Look Great
  • Quality 190 gm/m2 Material
  • Blend of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex
  • Flat-Locked Stitched Seams for Added Comfort
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  • Mimetic colors
  • Loose fit design
  • Reinforced and padded knees
  • Stirrups prevent ride up
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  • Unisex design
  • SPF50 UV protection from sun
  • Defends against marine irritants
  • Flat-lock stitched construction
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  • Flat-Locked Stitched Seams for Added Comfort
  • Standalone: Comfortable in Warm Water
  • SPF 50 Protection from UV Exposure
  • High-Stretch Material, Form Fitting for Easy Swimming
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Dive Skin and Rash Guard Buying Guide

Dive skins serve several purposes for divers. First and possibly most important they will protect the scuba diver or snorkeler from the environment when worn alone. They are great for keeping the diver safe from the sun's rays, as well as helping to avoid injury from accidental contact with the reef or aquatic life. Thicker dive skins or rash guards will offer some thermal protection with some having equivalent warmth to a 2mm or 3mm wetsuit, or adding some thermal assistant to the diver's wetsuit when worn underneath. One of the most popular uses for Dive Skins in cold water diving is as an aid for donning the scuba divers wetsuit. Nothing ever invented makes sliding into a damp wetsuit better than a lycra dive skin making it the perfect addition to any wet suit package.

Full Dive Skins

Full dive skins are one-piece body suits that will help protect you from cuts, scrapes, stings and other things while scuba diving or snorkeling. Dive skins are sometimes made out of Lycra material, which is an elastic fabric. Wearing a lycra under a wetsuit will make getting in and out of your suit a bit easier as the neoprene will slide better against the Lycra rather than your skin. There are a variety of dive skins to choose from for every diving trip. Some will even offer thermal protection in warm water diving or when worn beneath a wetsuit.

Rash Guards

Rash guards offer the same type of protection as dive skins and are usually the same thickness as a typical dive skin. Rash guard bottoms are typically worn under boardshorts to reduce rashes and the tops can be used for an extra layer of thermal protection under a wetsuit or as UV protection on a sunny day.