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  • Great Cold-Water Rig
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Machined First Stage Regulator
  • Over Balanced Diaphragm 1'st Stage
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  • Tough, rugged, military standard construction
  • Designed for cold water performance
  • Simple and easy to service in the field
  • Nitrox/oxygen compatible up to 40% O2
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  • Unique First Stages
  • Specifically for Use-On Twinset
  • Compact First Stage Design
  • Over-Balanced Diaphragm
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  • Tough, Rugged, Military Standards
  • Designed for Cold Water Performance
  • Simple & Easy to Service In-Field
  • Nitrox/Oxygen Compatible Up to 40% O2
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  • Accessory for Traveling Diver
  • No Need for Tools
  • Threads Directly to 1'st Stage DIN Assembly
  • Machining & Quality Control
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Scuba Diving Regulators Buying Guide

The keystone of the diving experience, the scuba regulator is the interface between man and tank that supplies the diver with air at ambient pressure. The first stage of a regulator attaches directly to the tank, reducing the pressure of the air leaving the tank by a preset amount. The second stage reduces the pressure yet again, bringing it down to ambient pressure, where you'll be able to breathe air comfortably.

There are a number of options for both stages, including ports for pressure gauges, low pressure inflator hoses, and dry suit hoses. You can also choose whether or not the first stage of the regulator is balanced or unbalanced - the advantage of a balanced first stage is that it allows you to breathe just as easily at low tank pressures, or at depths of up to 90ft. With multiple options for adjustment knobs, air flow dials, and the like, you'll always be able to alter the regulator's flow rate to compensate for any changes in depth.

Top of the Line Scuba Regulators

Preferred by expert and professional divers, a Top of the Line Scuba Regulator is constructed with bleeding edge innovations and materials. Many feature low-maintenance titanium components, many of which will never rust or corrode in any way. Top of the line scuba regulators usually come with a balanced 1st and 2nd stage, too, which provides superior breathing performance, even at greater depth and lower pressure. Known for their comfort-conscious design philosophy, Top of the Line Scuba Regulator manufacturers give special attention to concerns like mouthpiece comfort and jaw fatigue.

Recreational Scuba Regulators

Recreational scuba regulators provide you with a quality piece of equipment at a reasonable price. With a Recreational regulator, you won't be missing important features. Like all high-quality regulators, Recreational Scuba Regulators often come with a diver adjustable venturi effect. This is a system that takes advantage of constriction to make air particles move faster, which creates a vacuum effect that makes breathing from your regulator that much easier.

Economical Scuba Regulators

Never let a budget get in your way with our Economical Scuba Regulators. Safe and reliable regulators at an unbeatable cost, an economy regulator can get you out of your routine and into the ocean without breaking your wallet. Tested vigorously by Scuba Lab, many of these regulators received perfect scores in their categories. Quality regulators from world-famous brands can be found here, brands like Mares, IST, Aeris, and Oceanic. With features like 360 degree first stage swivel, and heat exchangers to fight freeze-ups, you won't find yourself wanting with these scuba regulators.

DIN Scuba Regulators

A DIN regulator can be attached only to a DIN valve, which is incompatible with standard Yoke regulators and valves. The best way to check if your valve requires a DIN regulator is to check where the two connect - if they must be screwed together, there is a good chance you have a DIN valve. If a metal brace has to go over the tank valve, and the brace screwed down to clamp the first stage, then you have a Yoke valve. DIN valve/regulator connections are more streamlined than Yoke connections, requiring less outside hardware to attach. A DIN valve and regulator can also handle higher pressures when configured correctly, and may be the ideal solution for technical and professional divers.

Scuba Regulator Accessories

Find items to protect, maintain, and repair your regulator right here. Padded regulator bags will keep your most important components safe during travel, serving as a low-cost insurance policy for a high-cost piece of gear. Lubricant will keep the parts of your regulator, 1st and 2nd stage, safe from grinding and wear-and-tear. You can get braided regulator hoses for extra durability, spare 1st or 2nd stages for any market regulator, and even dedicated toolkits to make certain you don't have to put a dive on hold for a broken part.