Mares Avanti Quattro-Plus Open Heel Fin

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The Avanti Quattro + non-vented fin exceeds the established performance of the traditional model thanks to the use of composite materials Tecralene, Thermoplastic Rubber that optimize efficiency. The Avanti Quattro...
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Key Features

Best-selling line of fins
Channel Thrust Technology
Bungee straps
Appropriate for all dive conditions
Multiple, highly visible colors available  

Product Overview

The Mares Avanti Quattro Open Heel Fin has been the most successful in scuba diving for the last 20 years.  Appropriate for all diving conditions, the Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel Fin was redesigned for even greater proficiency with more responsive material that allows for greater channel formation.  The result is a more comfortable kick while improving overall performance. The channel formation is created through the blade’s four (Quattro) ribs that cause it to arch while finning.   By improving the channel formation, more water is displaced in the proper direction.  Fin operation is smoother and the enhanced energy transmission (foot-foot pocket interface) is measureable.  The new materials are the result of technological improvements in manufacturing and design.  The stabilizing trim tabs improve stability and eliminate the ankle twisting phenomena. The anatomical foot pocket conveys more power to the blade. Countless computer simulations and field tests were performed until the Quattro+ was perfected.

Included within the improvements of the Avanti Quattro-Plus Open Heel Fins is Mares’ bungee strap system.  The introduction of bungee straps with the Quattro Plus fins provide several benefits.  There is no need for adjustment each time the fin is worn because the bungee provides a perfect fit each time even when different boots are worn.  Dramatically easier to don and doff, the diver no longer needs to release buckles or loosen adjustable straps.  This allows for simple entry and exits whether boat or beach diving.  The bungee straps also compensate for depth compression.  Inevitably, due to water pressure, even neoprene boots will compress.  The bungee straps will remain secure, no matter the depth automatically.  

The Mares Avanti Quattro-Plus Open Heel Fins are available in a wide range of colors.  In addition to black, highly visible colors are offered.  This provides improved identification even while underwater and allows for fun, fashionable color choices.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.


  • Exceed the Established Performance of Traditional Model
  • New Composite Materials, Optimize Efficiency
  • Greater Responsiveness & Thrusting Power
  • New Bungee Strap System
  • Straps Equipped w/Large Grasp-Loops for Easy Donning & Doffing
  • Proven Channel Thrust Technology
  • Versatile & Ideal In-All Diving Conditions
  • Stabilizers Improve Stability & Eliminating Ankle Twisting Phenomena
  • Anatomical Foot Pocket Conveys More Power to Blade
  • Greater Thrusting Power w/Same Effort
  • Blade Length: 15" (38cm)
  • Weights: 32 oz. (907 g)
  • Blade Thrust Surface Area: 120.9 cu. in. (780 cu. cm)
  • Note: Length, Weight & Blade Thrust Surface Area, Size Regular
  • Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors
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Key Features

• Best-selling line of fins
• Channel Thrust Technology
• Bungee straps
• Appropriate for all dive conditions
• Multiple, highly visible colors available  

What's in the Box

• Pair of Mares Avanti Quattro + Open Heel Fin


Materials Tecralene, Thermoplastic Rubber
Dimensions Blade Length: 15 (38cm), Size Regular
Blade Type Non-Vented
Open Heel/Full Foot Open Heel
Weight 31.75 oz. (900 g), Size Regular
Blade Thrust Surface Area 120.9 cu. in. (780 cu. cm.)

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lourdes De Cárdenas
Great fin!

Light fin great for diving and snorkeling! Easy to don and powerful!

Paul Flinn
Very good paddle fin

They work great when paired with the mares boot