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  • Strong Rubber Coated Mesh Construction
  • Lightweight for Easy Gear Rinsing & Drying
  • Padded Shoulder Straps for Comfortable Transport
  • Zippered Exterior Pocket: Great for Small Items
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  • Perfect Bag for Protecting Your Regulators
  • Great for Organizing Your Dive Kit
  • Round Shape Minimizes Hose Kinks
  • Compact Design Packs Flat
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  • Stores and protects full face mask
  • Drain grommets and mesh top for fast drying
  • Closed cell foam padding absorbs shock
  • Outer mesh pocket for wet storage
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  • Safe Transport & Storage of Full-Face Masks
  • Designed Specifically for Ocean Reef Full-Face Mask (FFM)
  • Ocean Reef IDM (Integrated Diving Mask) Regulator Bag
  • Padded Bag Made from Durable Nylon Material
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  • Dive Gear Isn t Cheap
  • Don t Let Your Gear Get Damaged
  • Use Protective Cases to Keep Gear Safe & Ready to Dive
  • Shockproof Case w/Sturdy Zipper Closure
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  • Protects regulator from bumps and shocks
  • Accommodates regulator, gauges, octopus
  • Contoured rubber grip handle
  • Padded internal compartment
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  • Designed for Heavy Dive Weights
  • Fit Most BCD Weight Pockets
  • Side Pocket w/Internal Key Clip
  • Luggage Tag
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  • Fast Drying Nylon Mesh Design
  • Draw String Closure for Security
  • Rinse & Drip-Dry Bag & Gear
  • Holds Mask Snorkel & Fins
$18.00 $14.95
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  • Top Grab Handle Design
  • Protects Regulators & Gauges
  • Plastic Vent for Water Drainage
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Zipper
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  • Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Easy Backpack Transport
  • Wide Front Pocket Over 3 Sides
  • Double Slide Zipper Closure
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  • Protects regulator and instrument system
  • Accommodates regulator, gauges and octopus
  • Velcro tie down secures gear
  • Padded top grab handle
On Backorder Please note: You can order this now and have us ship it as soon as it arrives.
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  • Accommodates full regulator set-up
  • Neoprene dive computer/console holder
  • 16" (40.6 cm) screen laptop sleeve
  • Sleeve slide over Stahlsac wheeled handle bag
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  • Carry Ballast Weight Safely and w/Ease
  • Built Rugged for Strength and Durability
  • Full Wrap Double Webbing Padded Grab Handles
  • YKK Double-Slider Zipper U-Shaped Opening
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  • Padded to protect dive computers from shocks
  • Vented for water drainage
  • Nylon mesh construction
  • Corrosion resistant zipper
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  • Protects mask from bumps and shocks
  • Secure zipper lid
  • Hard travel case design
  • 360 degree swivel clip for attachment
$19.95 $9.95
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  • Protects regulator and instrument system
  • 5mm closed cell foam padding
  • Internal tie down velcro straps
  • Removable/adjustable shoulder strap
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Dive Bag Buying Guide

Every diver who has ever taken a mask and snorkel as far as the front door knows what a necessity a gear bag can be. The diver's gear bag is the best way to keep your equipment together, organized, and ready for action. Whatever your equipment, whatever your travel needs, there's a bag perfect for you right here. Backpacks, Roller Bags, and Duffels are the most common types used for general application. Regulator and Specialty bags (like camera, fin, and mask bags) are also extremely helpful to any diver, whether you're traveling half-way across the world or just down the street.

Scuba Backpacks

Scuba backpacks are easily one of the most efficient ways to carry your gear. Not only can they fit all of your equipment, they're comfortable, convenient, and easy to carry. Nothing provides hands-free maneuvering around a crowded boat deck better than a scuba backpack. When traveling with a lot of gear, a large scuba backpack (5500 cubic inches or larger) is ideal. They are large enough to carry two sets of warm water gear OR a single set of gear plus all of the other clothes you might need for a trip. They're rugged and durable enough to be checked in as luggage, too, pulling double duty for a low price. For a more frigid destination, large scuba backpacks are also great for a set of cold water gear, such as a full drysuit or a thick wetsuit.

For a lighter journey, a medium-sized scuba backpack (3000 to 6000 cubic inches) is fantastic for a single set of diving equipment, warm or cold. More compact and streamlined, a medium-sized scuba backpack can hold a surprising amount of gear and still stay sleek. A mesh scuba backpack is perfect for taking your gear to and from the dive site itself, with the added benefit of being able to rinse and even dry your gear without taking it out of the bag. Available at different sizes, each is well suited for a specific purpose. The mesh bags over 2500 cubic inches are a great option for carrying scuba gear, while the mesh bags under 2500 inches fit snorkeling equipment perfectly.

When you don't have to worry about getting your gear wet, a smaller backpack or day pack is excellent for any accessories and clothing you may need on your trip.

Scuba Roller Bags

Scuba Roller Bags are simply the most comfortable bag for traveling, whether down to the local site or when jetting off to an exotic destination. Built to carry heavy loads through tough conditions, scuba roller bags are as reliable as they are versatile. When the road ahead is smooth, the bag can be pulled along easily with one hand while you allow the wheels to do all the work. When the going gets tough, many scuba roller bags have handles so they can be lugged over medium terrain like a duffel bag. Some scuba roller bags even come complete with hidden stow-able shoulder straps that allow you to transform your roller bag into a backpack, saving you from losing your gear en-route to even the most hard-to-reach dive site.

Scuba Duffel Bags

Scuba Duffels are the most popular bags out there, both for their reasonable cost and for their expansive storage capabilities. They're easy to carry with wide, comfortable straps, and can fit anywhere you need them to thanks to their non-rigid shape. Available in a plethora of sizes and materials, there's a scuba duffel bag out there that fits anyone's needs. Mesh duffel bags are ideal for transporting gear to the dive site, with the added bonus of allowing you to rinse your gear right through the bag. The wet/dry duffel gives the diver the advantage of two bags in one, keeping your wet and dry goods sequestered from each other without any interaction that could ruin a perfect trip. There are also scuba duffels that come fitted with wheels, too, combining the convenience of a roller bag with the durability and versatility of a standard scuba duffel bag.

Regulator and Specialty Bags

Regulator bags are designed to keep your regulator safe and sound during travel, or even during storage, proving themselves to be a must-have for any diver. Laced with shock-resistant padding, regulator bags can also be used to protect dive computers, gauges, octos, or even a second regulator while on the road. When carrying camera equipment, camera bags keep your expensive and sensitive gear organized, safe, and easily accessible so you never miss a shot. Some bags even have wet and dry spaces for maximum convenience and protection. There are specialty bags for every conceivable piece of gear, including bags for mobile phones, radios, masks, snorkels, weights, fins, wallets and even spearguns.