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How To Defog Scuba Mask Scuba Gear Videos provides free instructional scuba videos which anyone can view directly from their browser. Take advantage of the latest in video technology on the web to learn more about scuba diving equipment and dive gear maintenance.

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Do you want to make sure your underwater camera stays in top shape? Want to learn how to properly clean and store your BC? Have you ever wondered what’s so special about the Spring Heel Straps? Do you ever wonder what the advantages are to using Scooters (DPVs)? What about the differences between L.E.D. and H.I.D. lights? We have answers to all these questions, and many more in a format that is quick and easy to understand.

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How to Properly Defog Your Mask Maintenance Video

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How to Properly Defog Your Mask Maintenance Video

This instructional video demonstrates how to properly defog your mask. Why should you use a Commercial Defog? It’s much more sanitary than your salvia and lasts longer keeping your mask de-fogged! After use, make it a point to soak your mask in warm water, especially if it was used in salt water. The warmer water will break the salt crystals and keep you mask nice and clean. Every once in a while, re-sanitize your mask and snorkel with the Sea Buff or toothpaste and the toothbrush. It will keep them from retaining a possible mildew odor. You could also soak or rinse them with a mild solution of mouthwash. This solution could be used with your regulator mouthpiece, your manual inflator-hose and the inside of your BCD.