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SubGear XP10 Air / Nitrox Dive Computer Video Review

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SubGear XP10 Air / Nitrox Dive Computer Video Review

This demonstration video discusses the features of the SubGear XP10 Air/Nitrox Dive Computer. The SubGear XP10 has an adaptive algorithm which is used to increase safety and maximize bottom time. It is Air or Nitrox Programmable (up to 50%) and has full watch functions - including wake up alarm, visual and audible alarms. The XP10 is water or button activated with a user activated safety stop timer. Toggle through essential info during dive (max depth, temp, time of day). Backlighting Display for Night Diving. It is user changeable Imperial/Metric with a user replaceable battery. The XP10 comes standard with a 25 hour on-board dive log book that is PC downloadable.