Sealife DC1400 14 Megapixel Underwater Camera and HD Video Pro Set with Digital Pro Flash

This demonstration video discusses and shows the features of the Sealife DC1400 14 Megapixel Underwater Camera Pro Set with Digital Pro Flash. The DC1400 comes equipped with a large 3.0" LCD display. It has non-slip, rubber armored housing, built in 26mm wide angle lens and comes with a new and improved zoom toggle trigger making zooming in and out easier. Use it without the housing for all your topside photos. The DC1400 is easy to operate full function controls using 5 large "piano key" buttons. The flexible arm of the Digital Pro Flash Strobe allows for easy aiming at any angle. The rubberized arm provides a sure grip. It includes 5 pre-flash cancellation settings. It mounts easily to all digital cameras equipped with external flash mount.

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