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Advantages and Placement of Desiccant in the Sealife DC1200

This video shows the advantages and Placement of desiccant in the Sealife DC1200 Camera. A Desiccant is also known as a moisture muncher. The Packets offer protection against corrosion, fogging and mildew by absorbing moisture in a sealed container. Desiccants are commonly used in a camera housing to help keep the moisture content down to ZERO.

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Buy the Tyvek Desiccant - Ten (10)

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Tyvek Desiccant - Ten (10)

  • Protection against corrosion, fogging and mildew by absorbing moisture in a sealed container
  • Protection for Cameras and Optical Equipment, Video Camcorders and Electronic tapes, film and documents
  • 10 per packets 


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