Princeton Tec Ultimate Dive Set Video Review

The Princeton Tec Ultimate Dive Set includes The Shockwave II Light which is the Incandescent version of the Shockwave LED - 8 C-Cells. The light has a 4 hour burn time on high and a 10 hour burn time on low. The light brightness rating is 295 Lumens. The Shockwave II Light will give the diver more visibility in daylight because of warmer color temperatures and a more focused beam. It also includes the Torrent Xenon Light has the same body style as the Torrent LED. This light has a 5 hour burn time and has 115 Lumens. The Princeton Tec Torrent Xenon Light is a great daytime lobster light. Last but not least the Eco Flare is a vital part of any night diver´s gear list. It can be used as a tank marker on continuous burn or as a single ultra bright red marker for boats, ascent lines and emergencies. The Princeton Tec Eco Flare will supply you with up to 500 hours of marking.

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